Monuments & Memory

How do communities and individuals remember? How and why do they forget? What modes of collective memory help us to engage productively with the past? Which practices, in contrast, tend to mythologize and oversimplify history?

This exhibition documents a collaborative effort to address these and other thorny questions. What we learned as a collaborative transatlantic team of teachers and students from Flagler College St. Augustine & Tallahassee and Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg is that the answers to the how, what, and why of memory practices proved to be as varied and thought-provoking as the questions we started with.

The three virtual rooms of the exhibition – Media of Memory, Mobilities & Migration, Personal | Public & Local | National – showcase student-developed projects in multiple media: videocasts, podcasts, and textual-visual essays. We invite visitors to read, listen, watch, and ponder dynamics of remembering and forgetting with us as part of the ongoing Flagler-JMU collaboration in transatlantic cultures & histories.

Both the Monuments & Memory exhibition and the preceding WueGlobal Conversation Seminar Monuments & Memory in Summer Term 2021 are part of WueGlobal – Writing, Learning, Digital Connection, funded within the International Virtual Academic (IVAC) - Initiative of the German Academic Exchange Service |  Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdients (DAAD) | Federal Ministry of Education & Research | Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF).

We thank our institutional sponsors DAAD | BMBF as well as cooperating colleagues and departments at Flagler College and JMU Würzburg. Most of all, however, thanks go to the wonderfully engaged students and those who generously shared their perspectives and expertise in the student-developed contributions.


Click here to visit the three themed rooms of the Monuments & Memory exhibition.

Project Partners at Flagler College, St. Augustine & Tallahassee

Prof. Dr. Edwidge Crevecoeur Bryant (Education)

Prof. Dr. Anna M. Burnley (Education)

Prof. Dr. Timothy Johnson (Religion)

Prof. Dr. Wayne M. Riggs (Modern History & Politics)


Project Partners at JMU Würzburg

Prof. Dr. Helmut Flachenecker (Franconian Regional History)

Prof. Dr. MaryAnn Snyder-Körber (American Cultural Studies)

Dr. Petra Zaus (Schreibzentrum | Writing Center der JMU & WueGlobal – Writing, Learning, Digital Connection)


Online Exhibition Design

Raphaëlle Jung (Schreibzentrum | Writing Center der JMU & WueGlobal – Writing, Learning, Digital Connection)

Sabrina Lacić (WueGlobal International Writing Fellow & Global Tutor)


Project Development

Thomas Feiler (WueGlobal International Writing Fellow & Global Tutor)

Anna Köhler (WueGlobal International Writing Fellow & Global Tutor)


Student Participants at JMU Würzburg

Veronika Banach

Lisa Beer

Tobias Debold

Timothy Holden

Tobias Knöchel

Jan-Erik Ohnezat

Victoria Porcu

Wesley Raab

Julia Rasche

Anna Lena Rusch

David Schiepek

Raphael Spatz

Amelie Steinruck


Student Participants at Flagler College, Tallahassee

Jaylene Ceballo

Kendall Ward

Mayson West

Reagan John Williams

Shawnteria Willis


Student Participants at Flagler College, St. Augustine

Iman Barakzoy

Emily Frances Courter

Annabelle Grace Lassiter

Abby Morgan Sadler

Kayla Nichole Toney

Anna Shelby Valvo Schnotalla