GRK 2243 "Understanding Ubiquitylation: From Molecular Mechanisms to Disease"

Thomas Rudel

Prof. Dr. Thomas Rudel

Department of Microbiology
Biocenter, University of Würzburg
Am Hubland
D-97074 Würzburg

Tel.: 0931 31-84401
Fax.: 0931 31-84402


Research Area:
Infection Biology, Molecular and Cellular Microbiology

The Rudel lab studies pathogenicity mechanisms of different microorganisms, in particular the manipulation of various signalling cascades and cellular processes such as the cell death pathways in the host. In this context the infection biology of obligate intracellular bacteria such as Chlamydia is one of the major topics. In addition, the contribution of (co-)infections to the onset of ovarian cancer and the signaling pathways involved as well as the analysis of the interaction of pathogenic microorganisms with mitochondria are subject of research efforts. In the context of the GRK 2234, we are studying the role of chlamydial deubiquitylating enzymes during infection.

Research projects: Project B3, Project B4