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Graduiertenkolleg 2157

Teaching Program

The major aim of this GRK is to educate the students in two scientific fields: Infection Biology and Tissue Engineering. Both scientific topics are based on the principles of cell biology and incorporate a multitude of interdisciplinary aspects. The GRK 2157 is integrated into the Graduate Schools of the University of Würzburg (UWGS) as an important new class within the Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS). The GSLS offers a large number of qualification possibilities for the students. In addition, there are several Master programs established at the University of Würzburg including the Master of Biology, the FOKUS Master Life Sciences, Master of Biochemistry and the Master of Biomedicine. The FOKUS Master Life Sciences is an international course of studies and all activities are in English. Beginning with the winter semester 2015/16, the Master of Biology curriculum is supplemented with several international study programs including “Molecular Cell and Infection Biology”, “Systems Biology and Metabolomics” and “Molecular and Computational Biology”. These Master programs thus provide versatile training possibilities for graduate students within the GRK, in particular also in the field of Cell and Infection Biology.

As we attempt to recruit excellent students from all over the world, we expect them to have quite heterogeneous educational backgrounds. Based on the vast amount of educational resources provided by the existing study programs, together with the key qualifications offered by the Graduate Schools and several study programs specifically established for the GRK we are able to provide a competitive educational program adapted to the individual requirements of the graduate students.

All students will work on interdisciplinary scientific projects. To provide them with a sound intellectual foundation the thesis committee will develop an individual education program for students during their graduate training. This will result in a tailored, broad and comprehensive education of each student. All graduate students will follow a training plan that is defined by mandatory and optional training activities that will not exceed a total of approx. 6 hours per week per term.