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Graduiertenkolleg 2157

Lectures and Seminars

Microbiology Colloquium
The microbiology colloquium is organized by Matthias Frosch (Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology), Thomas Rudel (Chair of Microbiology) and Jörg Vogel (Institute for Molecular Infection Biology). International and national high-profile guest speakers are invited to present their most recent research. The speakers usually spend one day in Würzburg and are available for discussions with the PIs and the graduate students. The colloquium takes place every Tuesday during the semester and offers also an excellent opportunity to meet all Würzburg infection biologists once a week for informal scientific and non-scientific exchanges.


Biocenter Colloquium
The Biocenter Colloquium is organized by the members of the Biocenter. The Colloquium takes place on Wednesday during the semester. The topics covered by the highly renowned international and national guest speakers cover a very broad range of topics of modern biology.

Jour fixe
The Jour fixe meetings are mandatory and are organized to present and discuss progress and problems among the members of the GRK 2157. The meetings take place once a month. At each meeting several projects are presented and scientific and experimental issues are discussed. In addition, the Jour fixe is also an occasion to discuss organizational issues and problems or suggestions of the graduate students which are of general relevance for the GRK 2157.

Meetings take place in room C323 (Biocenter)

Tissue meetings

The “Tissue meetings” are of importance mainly for the first year and possibly part of the second year of the GRK until the tissue models are established and optimized. They are mainly technical meetings for those who work with a given infection model. Thus, there are distinct meetings of the “airway group”, “urogenital group”, “intestine group”, and “skin group”. The meetings are held weekly.

Lab meetings and Journal Clubs
These are the regular meetings of individual laboratories, which routinely take place in the labs of the PIs. In the Lab meetings the graduate students of the GRK 2157 present their project progress to the other laboratory members occasionally (once or twice a year). The Journal Clubs serve as an instrument to learn critical reading and assessment of the current literature. Published highlight papers that are of interest for the GRK 2157 members are announced and discussed.

Lectures from various study courses
The curricula of the Master of Biology and the FOKUS Master Life Sciences programs offer several lectures relevant for graduate students of the GRK requiring additional training in certain scientific basics. These lectures are in large parts held by members of the GRK and include for example “Infection Biology”, “Pathogenicity of Microorganisms”, “Molecular Biology”, “Virology”, “Immunology”, “Cell and Developmental Biology”, “Bioinformatics”, “Topics and Methods in Modern Biology”, “Tissue Engineering” and many others. The thesis committees decide whether graduate students have gaps in the respective knowledge and thus would benefit from the participation in specific lecture series.