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The Absence of Monuments (2022)

What is your view on Queer Remembrance Culture?

When looking at the monuments and memorials placed in this world, one might not give their existence and meaning too much thought. Over the course of the summer of 2022, we thoroughly inspected many monuments around the globe, specifically German and US-American ones. Quickly, an imbalance became abundantly clear. There are few monuments and memorials that honor and commemorate marginalized communities and even fewer that are recognized as such. This project focuses specifically on the imbalance of Queer-centric monuments and memorials around the world.

The following is a collection of interviews with people working in LGBTQ+-centric fields and aims to answer questions like these: What makes up Queer Remembrance Culture and why has it been ignored for so long? Why are there so few monuments focused on LGBTQ+ individuals? What does it mean when so much history goes unacknowledged? And most importantly: Why should we commemorate Queer history? How should this be done and who should do it? The project furthermore aims to open a conversation and perhaps create change in that way.

Monuments and memorials are plentiful in this world, yet the absence of Queer monuments speaks volumes as much as it screams of silence.

A selection of ten different pride flags were hung on the balcony in the townhall. (The flags displayed are: Genderfluid, Asexual, Intersex, Bisexual, Lesbian, Progress Pride Flag, Transgender, Non-binary, Progress Pride Flag including Intersex Flag, Pan)

There are several people holding up a giant rainbow flag in the middle of the Würzburg city center.


The different speakers that spoke during the political opening of the 2022 in the townhall are  posing for a picture

holding roses andsigns that feature a Progress Pride Flag rainbow and read “Diversity Unites”.


An image of a crowd of people decked with pride flags marching during the 2022 Wuerzburg Queer Pride march.

A sign can be read that says: “A life matters more than a f-ing medal – Let trans kids play sports”.

Queer Remembrance in Würzburg (Würzburg Interview)

Queer Remembrance with a Political Theorist: Part 1

Queer Remembrance with a Political Theorist: Part 2

Deepen your Interaction

The wufzentrum, Würzburg’s largest Queer focused organization, houses many different other organizations.

Rosa Hilfe is a network working with the WuF Zentrum that specifically aims to offer help for gay men from other gay men.

Trans-Ident, a group focusing on offering help and support for trans individuals.

Queer Pride Würzburg, organizes Queer events such as the CSD Marches.

Queer:Feminismus, a student-led and student representative organization at the University Würzburg.

Website of Dr. Lorna Bracewell.