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Modules at the Schreibzentrum | Writing Center

At the Schreibzentrum | Writing Center you can take four modules, each of which counts for 3 ECTS points in the ASQ pool and the free area for teaching students. Depending on your preferences, you can deal intensively with academic and / or creative writing and develop and expand your skills in these areas.

The modules share a common examination requirement consisting of a 10-page portfolio (approximately) in which you document the development of your (scientific or creative) writing skills. The modules are offered in either English or German.

The Studierwerkstatt workshops are held by students for students and are aimed at participants in the introductory phase of study who have little or no experience with scientific texts.


This module focuses on the fundamental aspects of the writing process, from the preparation to the completion of a seminar paper or thesis. Students are equipped with various reading and writing strategies, which they are encouraged to explore in order to determine which are most suitable for their individual writing project. 

Objectives / Skills:

Students will become confident in drawing on a broad spectrum of writing strategies and techniques. They will develop the capacity to organize and schedule the writing process. They will develop familiarity with every essential aspect of writing strong and effective seminar papers and theses. 


In this module, experienced and professional writers instruct students in various writing genres in order to provide them with the opportunity to practice creative writing in a variety of different scenarios. Students are given the opportunity to enhance their writing skills by revising drafts with the help of feedback from experts. 

Objectives/ Skills:

Students will gain advanced writing skills in the realm of creative writing from fiction, drama, and poetry to text types used in film and television, and journalism.


This module imparts all of the key competencies required for strong academic writing. Instruction focuses on the preparation for and the foundations of the academic writing process, as well as  how to conduct research, and how to write in another language. Certified writing tutors use writing exercises to teach students how to produce texts types relevant to a university context. There is a special emphasis on practical application. Students receive feedback on the portfolios they create within the respective course’s framework and support for their individual, subject-specific writing projects. 

Objectives/ Skills:

Students will gain a general understanding of the foundations and techniques of academic writing, citation systems, and good scientific practice. Students will be able to to compose texts relevant to their specific field of study that are properly formatted and stylistically sound.


This module equips students with relevant key competencies in the field of academic working methods and techniques. Participants cement and extend their competencies and skills to absorb and retain written information, as is required in all fields of study. Students will practice techniques to increase their reading efficiency and cognitive text comprehension on an academic level und receive tips on how to properly approach academic texts. Students will be presented with the opportunity to practice these techniques and reflect on the constructive feedback they receive. 

Objectives/ Skills:

Students will possess interdisciplinary and personalized competencies that can be applied to the framework of their studies. They will analyze texts and improve the return on the time they invest in reading academic texts by learning to differentiate between relevant and less relevant information and to develop their own strategies to improve their reading behavior. By developing individualized competencies that can be applied across the disciplines, students will benefit in their role as active participants in the academic process.