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The Individuality of Remembering (2021)

In our project we compared two case-studies. The first monument we considered is the 9/11 memorial in NYC. Contrary to the 9/11 memorial´s prominence, we also decided to look at a much smaller and unfamiliar monument: the witch-memorial in the small German town of Erlenbach am Main. With this contrast in mind, we engaged with the individuality of remembering and conducted a series of interviews. These interviews gave us insight into the uniqueness of remembering and also the always present possibility of forgetting. We decided to express our findings within a video because it gives us a possibility to deliver an immersive experience with pictures and audio samples at the same time. 

September 11th

The Tribute in Light is a light installation consisting of two light columns depicting the outlines of Twin Towers. 

It is used on special days to commemorate the victims of September 11th.


One World Trade Center opened on November 3rd, 2014.


A 9/11 Memorial.

Ground Zero with one of the two fountains commemorating the destroyed Twin Towers.

The names of the victims of September 11th are engraved in stone on the outer walls of both fountains.


Many people know the One World Trade Center as Freedom Tower: the name that was used until 2014.

Introduction Dr. Anna Burnley

Dr. Burnley is an Associate Professor and ESOL Specialist in the Education Department, Flagler College – Tallahassee. After serving as an adjunct instructor for three years beginning in 2011, she joined the faculty full-time in 2014. Dr. Burnley has provided leadership since 2018 as the Faculty Advisor for the award-winning Flagler College – Tallahassee Local Chapter of the Student Florida Education Association. She previously taught at Valencia Community College, Leon County Schools, Fort Campbell DoDEA High School, and as a graduate teaching assistant at The University of Virginia. Dr. Burnley has served as course architect for multiple asynchronous online and hybrid courses in the Education Department, and in 2021, collaborated through hybrid learning for a transnational course offered at Julius-Maximilians-Universität, Würzburg, Germany. Her publications can be found at Google Scholar, and she has presented at conferences in the U.S., Canada, England, Germany, and Scotland.

Introduction Prof. Dr. Mike Butler

Professor Butler graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in History from Spring Hill College, a Jesuit college in Mobile, Alabama, where he was a President’s Scholar. He received both his Master’s and Doctorate in History from the University of Mississippi, where he specialized in 20th-century Southern History with an emphasis on the Civil Rights movement. Moreover, he previously taught at South Georgia College, Northwest Mississippi Community College and University of Mississippi. World Civilisation, American History, American Government, African-American History, The Vietnam War and Southern Cultural History are some of the courses he teaches.


The Local Witch Memorial Erlenbach.

To learn more about Ground Zero's hidden symbols

Besides the information you are already familiar with, you'll be able to gain a whole new perspective on what the 9/11 Memorial is actually trying to tell us. Tip: If you want to make things extra exciting, try to guess the meaning of each symbol before reading the captions. This way, you'll feel as if you were our interview partner yourself!

The witch hunt memorial in VARDØ

During the interviews all of the participants suggested that some kind of info board would have really contributed to the understanding of the monument. The witch hunt memorial in VARDØ, Norway remembers the faith of 91 humans who had been excectued in VARDØ. Some of the wrongly accused have similar stories to that of Diether Diepolt. The approach of VARDØ, however, is a totally different one. It explicitly lists the lives and faiths of the executed. See for yourself how you engage with this modern approach to a memorial.