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For incoming students from China, learning German is at least as big a challenge as for German outgoing students who want to master the Chinese language. The city of Würzburg offers both university and non-university opportunities to learn German.

The University of Würzburg also sets language requirements for a successful application in some subject areas. You can find more detailed information for your individual field of study, as well as the procedure for obtaining a language certificate, here. For Master's students, there is also a separate list of degree programmes that require German language skills.

Please note: Language tests for applications to the International Office in Würzburg can only be recognised if they were taken within the last 12 months. You will receive information with your application documents. Certificates and language tests must come from different university staff members. Please note the information on language certificates on the website of the International Office.

University of Würzburg

The Centre for Languages (ZfS) at the University of Würzburg offers a wide variety of language courses, including German. These are divided into courses at levels A1 to C2 for exchange and full-time students who want to learn German. In addition, four-week intensive courses at levels A1 to C1 are offered in March and September.

The ZfS also offers language learning software, internet resources, foreign language films and "classic" materials such as textbooks and dictionaries in its media library. For the German language, the software 'Auralog tell me more education', 'dp Campus Language Training', and, since April 2022, online licences for Speexx language training are available locally.

Adult Education Centre Würzburg

For slightly more advanced learners, the Volkshochschule Würzburg offers language training in German from level B1 to C2.

University of Würzburg

In order to integrate optimally into Würzburg society, both language skills and friendly contacts are extremely helpful. Tandem partners can be an informal, relaxed and friendly way to reach your goals. At the University of Würzburg, you can find German-speaking tandem partners through the face2face programme who are themselves trying to learn Chinese. With a tandem partner, you decide for yourself where and at what rhythm you will meet for a (preferably alternating) bilingual conversation.

Within Sinology Würzburg, the student body initiative offers a tandem programme tailored to Chinese-German in an informal setting. Interested students can contact the student council initiative.