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Funding Programmes

When planning a stay abroad, the costs must be taken into account: Travel, living expenses, rent, insurance, visa, tuition fees (for freemovers) and other costs may apply. An accurate and realistic list of possible sources of funding can help you to master your stay without financial challenges. On this page you will find information on scholarships abroad, both in general and tailored to China.


The German Academic Exchange Service  (DAAD) offers scholarships for students interested in studying abroad (both in China and in other countries) with the following features:

  •     Two-semester stays
  •     Highly competitive selection procedure
  •     High scholarship rates (up to 1,200 € / mth)
  •     Early application deadlines! Application possible even without prior acceptance for study in Würzburg. This is important, because the application deadlines for the one-year scholarships are sometimes prior to the deadlines for the SIA application.

DAAD scholarships are awarded on the basis of performance according to the following criteria:

  •     Performance record
  •     Report by a university lecturer
  •     Description of the study project and selection of the host institution
  •     Applicants' previous specialist knowledge and development potential

If applicable, there is a second round in which the selected candidates present to a commission. Further information can be found in the DAAD brochure "Study, Research, Teaching - Funding Opportunities Abroad for Germans" available at the International Office or on the DAAD website. The DAAD scholarship database allows you to filter scholarships by field of study, level of study and destination country. For example, the following funding opportunities are available for China.

For single-semester stays abroad, the DAAD-funded programme to increase the mobility of students at German universities (PROMOS) offers the possibility for both internships and study stays abroad. Interested JMU students apply for PROMOS directly to Ursula Shahmary  at the International Office of the University of Würzburg. Doctoral students should contact the Graduate School.

One advantage of this programme is the relatively short application deadlines (10th of December for stays beginning from the 1st of January, and 31st of May for stays beginning on the 1st of July). The funding framework is usually around 300 to 400 euros per month (travel allowances possible) for a maximum of six months. Funding is available for

  •     Study visits
  •     Internships
  •     Theses

Language courses, winter and summer schools are NOT funded! Multiple PROMOS funding is also NOT possible.

The following documents should be submitted with the application:

  •     University reports
  •     Letter of recommendation from a university lecturer
  •     Description of the study project and selection of the host institution
  •     If applicable, 2nd round with selection interviews with the Internationalisation Commission

The following applies to studies abroad outside the EU and Switzerland: Training assistance via BAFöG can be granted for a single continuous period of up to one year, and if the study-related stay abroad is of particular importance for the education of the student, up to a maximum of 5 semesters. The prerequisite is that the stay abroad is preceded by at least one year of study in Germany (in the case of a Master's degree, the preceding Bachelor's degree counts).

In essence: A maximum of one year of study abroad is not taken into account in the BAföG funding period, i.e. it is in fact extended. The BAföG office does not differentiate whether the student was on leave of absence from the German university or not! Exception: The study regulations expressly provide for a stay abroad (so-called integrated stays), in which case there is no extension of the maximum funding period!

BAföG applications should be submitted to the relevant BAfög office at least 6 months prior to the start of the stay abroad. It is worthwhile to apply!

Not only German citizens are eligible for BAföG. Students of the University of Würzburg from other countries can also apply under certain conditions. Please enquire at the responsible office for educational support (for China, this is the Studierendenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim).

For students interested in studying abroad in China with BAFöG funding, the Studierendenwerk offers a highly informative website with a BAFöG calculator.

Special centres have been set up by the Free State of Bavaria for individual regions with which Bavaria traditionally maintains close contact and cooperation. The Bavarian Higher Education Centres bundle information on the respective regions and in certain cases also promote student exchange via corresponding scholarships. For China, the Bayrisches Hochschulzentrum für China (BAYCHINA), based in Bayreuth, offers several opportunities to study in China:

    Mobility grants

Students at Bavarian universities have the opportunity to apply for support in the form of mobility grants and scholarships for subject-related study visits to China. The award criteria are academic performance, a report from the academic supervisor (professor at the home university), a detailed letter of motivation and the study plan. Funding can be applied for for one semester abroad (max. 5 months).

    Scholarship programmes

The Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China awards up to 20 government scholarships annually to excellent graduate students or academics from Bavarian colleges and universities. In consultation with the Chinese side, i.e. the China Scholarship Council (CSC) and the Ministry of Education (MoE), it was agreed that BayCHINA can nominate suitable candidates for scholarships to the CSC. BayCHINA is only able to nominate graduate students. Bachelor students in the final stage of their studies with excellent performance are also eligible to apply. However, at least a Bachelor's degree must be available at the start of the study programme abroad.

    Summer University

In four weeks of intensive study, the Summer University provides students with differentiated cultural insights into contemporary China. Lectures, seminars and workshops on China-specific conditions and developments in the fields of society, economics and law form the core of the Summer University. They are flanked by events in the fields of history, politics and geography. A language course and excursions to Chinese and international companies round off the programme.

    Funding opportunities for researchers and institutions

BayCHINA also promotes exchanges between lecturers from Bavaria and China as well as cooperation in research and teaching. If required, BayCHINA can arrange contacts with Chinese institutions and scientists.