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face2face language exchange

Language exchange

   Due to the current situation your first meeting with your language partner will be held via video chat

What is face2face?

  • Two people from different native languages work together to improve their foreign language skills. You will also have the chance to exchange cultural experiences. It is a self-learning program in which both partners take responsibility for the learning process. The participants can choose by themselves topics to talk about, their aims and when to meet each other.

How do I find a language (exchange) pal?

  • Please sign up for face2face using the form below. Our staff members try to find a matching language pal as soon as possible. Once they have found one, you will be contacted by email and a first meeting will be arranged at the Language Centre. This meeting is to receive more information about face2face and to exchange your contact details with your language partner. Please understand that we don't send out the participants' personal data by email. 

What if you can't find a language partner?

  • We will keep your entry for 6 months. After that you will be emailed and you can choose either to extend your request for another 6 months or to be deleted from our database.

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face2face: Language exchange