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Examples of Best Practices

Faculty of Humanities: Research Fund from Gender Equality Resources

Young female academics are actively supported by subsidising travel and conference costs and promoting their own research projects. Furthermore, the faculty awards the Beatrice Edgell Prize annually in memory of a pioneer of women's emancipation, as well as a paper prize to outstanding young female academics.Here you will find further information.


Faculty of Humanities: Human Dynamic Centre (HDC)

The Human Dynamics Centre (HDC) is an institution of the Faculty of Human Sciences that promotes scientific cooperation. It directly addresses the mid-level faculty in the sub-area of research of academic mid-level faculty (FaM) and supports interdisciplinary symposia and conferences that are organised within the framework of research projects. Staff from the mid-level faculty can take advantage of start-up funding opportunities to prepare research proposals. In recent years, the HDC has offered female junior researchers in particular the opportunity to present their own work, obtain feedback, and network, and then receive financial support in developing their own research project. Further information can be found here.Here you will find further information


Faculty of Economics: Women@WiWi

The Women@WiWi network promotes the exchange between female students, doctoral candidates, professors, and alumnae and provides information on gender equality and the promotion of women at faculty, university, and non-university level. In addition, within the framework of a student assistant support programme, selected female students are financed to gain insights into teaching and research in the context of an assistant position at a chair. The network received an award from the university management in 2018 for its outstanding gender equality initiative.Here you will find further information.


Faculty of Philosophy: Research Fund for Young Academics

The Faculty of Philosophy contributes to the promotion of young researchers and the initiation of new research projects within the framework of its research fund. Since 2014, the faculty has fortunately been able to fund all applications from female academics that formally met the funding criteria.

Within the framework of equal opportunities, funds are regularly made available not only for replacement during the period of maternity leave, but also from the beginning of the lecture period of the semester in which the maternity leave occurs.


Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy

Newly appointed junior professors receive a lump sum for start-up financing. Postdoctoral researchers who have obtained a SCIENTIA grant automatically receive a lump sum for materials. Young researchers without a SCIENTIA scholarship can also apply to the faculty for material funding for an independent project with a justified application. 

All young researchers who wish to pursue an independent academic career are reimbursed for publication costs (annual maximum limit), a one-time lump sum for computers/notebooks is granted, and congress travel and further training measures are subsidised.

Since not every individual situation can be covered by general measures, funds for individual measures can also be applied for from the faculty at any time. In the past, for example, funds were provided for language courses and for academic assistants.


Faculty of Medicine: Targeted Support for Habilitation Candidates and Women with High Potential

The Faculty of Medicine supports its young female researchers by granting scholarships for the preparation of the habilitation project and participation in the mentoring programme. Furthermore, the faculty provides the necessary resources to enable female habilitation candidates to take a research sabbatical. As an alternative to the provision of resources, a reduction in the teaching load can take place within the framework of the legal possibilities. In addition, travel and lecture scholarships are awarded to enable female junior researchers to attend conferences and to network internationally with the specialist community.


Facuty of Biology

Every two years, the Faculty of Biology awards the Marcella Boveri Prize, which is given to young female scientists of the faculty in the post-doctoral or habilitation phase for outstanding achievements in science. The faculty continues to support female doctoral candidates in the final phase of their doctorate if there are specific reasons for delaying the completion of their doctorate in order to enable them to graduate. In addition, financial support can be provided for participation in congresses or childcare during participation by female doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.