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Romana Schott Scholarships

According to her will, the estate of Dr. Romana Schott will be used to promote young female academics. Scholarships financed by the Romana Schott Fund are awarded to needy female students of all faculties who are suitable in terms of subject and character. The determination of the neediness of female applicants is based on the income limit and the regulations of the Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz (BAföG). The funding is aimed at female students who, despite obstacles, have not allowed themselves to be dissuaded from taking up a course of studies. In particular, scholarships can be awarded to support female students with children.

Excerpt from the Statues of the Dr. Romana Schott Fund

Duration and Amount of Funding

The duration of the sponsorship is generally three years. An application for an extension can be made.

  1. Female students without children receive 150.00 € per month.
  2. Female students with children receive a child supplement. The supplement is granted for children up to the age of 12 and amounts to monthly
  •       200 euros for one child
  •       300 euros for two children
  •       400 euros for three and more children. 

Please note: No benefits will be granted if you are not in need. No benefits will be paid for semesters of leave either. 


Award Requirements

The funds of the Romana Schott Fund are awarded within the framework of an award procedure that takes place twice a year. The application deadline for discussion of the application at the next Equal Opportunities Commission meeting is March 31 and September 30 of each year.

The allocation of funds takes place within the framework of a proposal procedure. It is not possible to apply for a scholarship on one's own, nor is there any entitlement to the awarding of the scholarship for a proposed student.

Current Call for Applications


Documents to be Submitted

1 ) The justification for the proposal (expert opinion on eligibility for funding) must comment in particular on the suitability of the proposed student in terms of character and subject matter. All full-time university lecturers at the University of Würzburg and all full-time academic staff with a doctorate in accordance with the Bayerischen Hochschulpersonalgesetz (BayHSchPG) are eligible to submit proposals. Please note the general notes on the statement

2 ) In addition, a brief written endorsement is required from one of the following organisations or bodies of the proposing faculty:

  •       the Dean of Studies (recommended)
  •       the chairperson of a commission for the promotion of young academics
  •       the departmental council/faculty council 

3 ) In addition, the proposal form must be completed independently by the student and submitted with the supporting documents listed therein. Please submit these in duplicate:

  • by post to the office of the University Women's Representative (Gerda-Laufer-Str. 46, Campus Hubland Nord, 97074 Würzburg)
  • by email in one (!) PDF to