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Gender Consulting for DFG Research Associations

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) is firmly committed to equal opportunities and anchored the equality of women and men in science in its statutes in 2002.

In doing so, it pursues two goals: a balanced ratio of women and men at all levels of the German research system and the improvement of the compatibility of family and career.

To this end, the DFG provides research associations with funds for the specific purpose of equal opportunities measures. These are up to 15,000€ annually for Research Training Groups, Research Units, and Priority Programmes and up to 30,000€ for Collaborative Research Centres and Transregios.

Support for applicants and ongoing collaborations is provided by the Gender Consulting Coordinator in the Office of the University Women's Representative (UFB).

Further Information:

  • Active member of the network for gender consulting in research networks
  • further information: Equality work of the DFG
  • Flyer Equal Opportunities


Events for Female Scientists in SFB, GRK, FOR und TRR

Gender Consulting for Research Associations organises workshops and training sessions on career development. This offer is primarily aimed at young female researchers who are actively involved in a DFG-funded collaborative project. However, joint training courses for male and female researchers are also offered, which address gender aspects. The participation fees can be financed from the gender equality fixed rates of the respective collaborations to which the participants belong. In addition to the open offer for female scientists of all alliances, workshops and other events can also be organised for individual alliances. In cooperation with the career program for young female scientists SCIENTIA, coaching is offered for postdoctoral researchers and junior research group leaders as well as group coaching for postdoctoral researchers.

In cooperation with the career program for young female scientists SCIENTIA, coaching is offered for postdoctoral researchers and junior research group leaders as well as group coaching for postdoctoral researchers.


The University of Würzburg supports female scientists on their way to a professorship with a coaching offer that you can take advantage of through the SCIENTIA Programme Coaching is an individual form of counselling to support managers.

The offer includes 5 coaching sessions of 90 minutes each within 10 months. Possible topics are strategic career planning, appointment procedures, employee management, reconciliation of family and career, stress management. SCIENTIA works with professionally trained coaches who have in-depth knowledge of career paths in science.

Network meeting

Workshops and trainings

For registration, questions and interest in the offer please contact the Gender Consulting Coordinator. 


Information and Assistance for Applicants

The DFG considers equal opportunities as important in the proposal process and rewards it. For this purpose, you can apply for funds for equal opportunities measures. The reserved funds for equal opportunities are to be used to

  • to promote the career development of young female scientists
  • create family-friendly working conditions
  • to sensitise female scientists and academics to the issue of gender equality.

The Gender Consulting Coordinator supports you in gender equality issues during the application process by:

  • Providing a text section tailored to the departments with current gender equality measures and data of the university.
  • Drawing up a concept of measures tailored to the planned association.
  • Preparation of a gender equality poster for peer reviews.

The University Women’s Representative (UFB) and the Gender Consulting Coordinator will support you in gender equality issues during evaluations.

We are also happy to advise you in the planning phase of the application. Information on how to apply for and use the gender equality fixed rates for the various funding procedures can be found here:


Examples of Measures

Equal opportunities measures in research associations:

The Gender Consulting Coordinator advises research collaborations on the use of gender equality funds and supports the implementation of gender equality measures.

The DFG's gender equality funds can be used for various measures, such as:

Career development for female junior researchers

  • Participation in mentoring programmes
  • Participation in workshops to deepen interdisciplinary skills (see Events)
  • Formation of networks
  • Guest lectures on career-relevant topics
  • Participation in coaching
  • SFB/TR: Funding of sub-project leader positions for female researchers

Reconciliation of family and career for scientists and scholars

  • Services of a university family service
  • Childcare during events organised by the SFB/TR
  • Childcare outside of normal working hours for work related to the consortium
  • Holiday care
  • Establishment of a home office
  • Establishment of parent-child rooms
  • Staff to support scientists with family commitments
  • Co-funding of day care centres to expand the range of services offered

Raising awareness of gender equality issues

  • Events for schoolgirls, Girls' Day, etc.
  • Training for the development of gender competence
  • Workshops, trainings, and lectures on topics such as leadership, communication, or career planning from a gender equality perspective

Examples of further measures can be found in the DFG Toolbox for Gender Equality in Science.

We would be happy to discuss further possible uses with you and contact the DFG to clarify individual questions..

Advice and implementation of measures are based on the university's current Gender Equality Plan.