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Advice on Reconciling Study and Family

Counselling for Student Parents-To-Be

Do you have questions or are you looking for information on study organisation and examinations during maternity leave and/or childcare at the University of Würzburg? We are happy to help you with our counselling for expectant student parents!

Once a month on a specific date, you have the opportunity to ask our staff members Mrs. Bähr and Mrs. Nikolaus your questions and receive help and important information.

Just come and visit us at the family centre for an appointment. The appointments take place once a month and can be found in our calender of events.  Please note that until further notice, the consultations will only take place online via Zoom.  

If you would like to attend one of the appointments, please register with Mrs. Nikolaus and you will receive all the access data for the online event.

We look forward to seeing you!

Legal and general information on pregnancy and maternity protection (during studies at JMU)


Information for Students with Children

As a family-friendly university, it is important to the University of Würzburg that students with children are supported in  their study situation. Measures for this are, for example:

  • Giving students with children preferential scheduling for tutorials, internships, laboratory events, etc.
  • the introduction of the most flexible regulations possible for absences of students with children in the case of illness of the child proven by a certificate, e.g. in the case of several days of absence, make-up dates, or substitute services.

See in addition the letter from the Registrar dated 10.04.2012.

In addition, students can be exempted or granted leave of absence from the obligation to study properly upon application for good cause (e.g. birth, upbringing and care of children). Information on how to apply for a leave of absence as well as related information on deadlines, study and examination achievements can be found on the pages of the Student Office.

For the very young offspring of students - babies from 2 months of age - the Family Service offers care at Campus StudiKids. AFrom about 10 months, students' little ones can go to the Studierendenwerk day nursery. Registration is done - as for the other Würzburg daycare centres - via the city´s Little Bird parent portal. Financial support for childcare can be applied for at the economic youth welfare office of the respective youth welfare office, e.g. Würzburg, if required.

Here you can find more information on financing your studies with a child

The Studierendenwerk's colourful information portal Studying with a Family offers a wide range of general information. 

If you have individual concerns or personal questions about the organisation of your studies or childcare, please contact Mrs. Bähr or Mrs. Nikolaus by phone or email.


Offers of Support

... by the Golden Z Club Würzburg Amelia for students with a child:

Who are we?

We, the Golden Z Club Würzburg Amelia, are a friendly association of young women with a common goal: we stand up for women and girls and their rights.

What do we do?

In exchange with the Family Service of the University of Würzburg, we support student mothers financially on the one hand. On the other hand, we are considering supporting the childcare services of the University of Würzburg and FHWS through voluntary work so that they can expand their services for female students.

Studying with a child?

It is not always easy to combine the two. Finding enough time for your child, your studies. and yourself is no easy task, not even financially. In order to offer all women the chance to combine family and career, we have launched our social project "Amelia".

How can I take advantage of the offer?

As a student mother, you are welcome to contact us with your concerns via email. Otherwise, you can also contact us via social media at any time.


How can you support us?

We are happy to receive a financial donation to our account mentioned below.

We also regularly invite you to benefit events where all proceeds go to our social project.


Account information:

Zonta Electra Würzburg e.V.

DE23 7905 0000 0049 3183 16