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WÜkit: Keep in Touch

­­­WÜkit - Würzburger Keep in Touch, the Contact Keeping- & Re-Entry Programm for Acadmic Staff in the Family Formation Phase

... aims to make this uncertain phase more predictable and reliable by offering relief and support through various modules. Important modules of the programme initiated by the Würzburg-Dresden Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat consist of offering young (expectant) parents individual counselling and structuring assistance, which is provided by the Office of the University Women's Representative in the form of

  • confidential counselling sessions,
  • individual support, e.g. discussions with the manager,
  • support with the timing of the essential necessary steps, e.g. registering the pregnancy with the HR department, and
  • Information on childcare options, e.g. the JMU childcare service StudiKids

can be taken advantage of.


A graphic illustrates the common points of the programme in Würzburg and Dresden


Individual Support

The project team accompanies academics according to their individual needs - depending on their wishes, this includes not only counselling but also participation in important conversations with managers or internal university institutions, referrals to further education, opportunities for discussions at any point in the family formation phase – from the pregnancy test to settling in at the day nursery.

Involving the Management Level

Managers play a decisive role in the family formation phase. The project provides various opportunities for exchange and information, in the form of discussion guidelines and briefings, in order to support the management level as best as possible and to relieve them timewise and of organisational burdens.

Mentorship Programme

Mentors are available to assist (expectant) parents and thus facilitate or support scientific activities during pregnancy as well as keeping in touch during family-related leave. Mentors can be team colleagues who facilitate regular contact with the university environment during the leave of absence. On the other hand, researchers who are parents themselves can provide support across the university with their experience in questions of reconciling science and parenthood. In addition to its own contacts, the project offers a pool of possible mentors.

P.S.: As a small "bonus", young parents receive a welcome gift for their offspring right after the birth - our baby bag with nice gifts for baby and parents! Just inform us briefly that your child has arrived, and you will receive our little surprise.



The Programme at a Glance

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