The Alumni-Portal:
Search for longlost contacts from your time in Würzburg, latest Alumni-Publications as well as job and internship offers etc.


The Mentoring-Program
Our mentors pass on their experience and give advice to students, professional newcomers and doctoral candidates.
We are currently expanding our program through international Mentorship.

Gruppenfoto Slammer, Foto: Alumni


We offer you a wide range of cultural, social and scientific events, meetings and activities! View all Events here and register for them on our Alumni-Portal!

International Activities

Next to our current and past international DAAD-Projects you will find our  Alumni-Ambassador-Map and our International Book here.

On a monthly basis we present you our Alumni from all over the world.

Faces of the University
For our 10 Year anniversary we will present you some of our Alumni at the JMU

Get to know our Professors!
There are currently 437 Professors working at our University. In this column we try to introduce you to some of them.

Alumni News
In our Newsletter we inform you about upcoming events, business formations and present you our latest interviews.

Photo series 'old treasures'

In this column we have a series of photos of our University and that show just how much it has changed within the years. Get ready to get nostalgic!



Are you interested in meeting up with your contacts from your time here or other alumni? We are glad to help you with the organization. Please contact us here!