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InterAAECT – International Dialogue on Academic Adult Education

The international cooperation project "InterAAECT - International Dialogue on Academic Adult Education: Curricular Structures and Teaching Modes" was based on a dialogue-oriented exchange of young academics from Germany and Nigeria and was funded by the German Federal Foreign Office within the framework of the DAAD program "Higher Education Dialogue with the Islamic World".

InterAAECT took place in cooperation with Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, Bayero University, Kano and the University of Lagos, Nigeria. A close partnership between the Professorship for Adult and Continuing Education at the University of Würzburg and the Department of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning at OAU in Ile-Ife has already existed since 2015. Within the framework of the Adult Education Academy, which have been held yearly and included a block event in Würzburg since 2014, university lecturers from Nigeria also teach. In February 2018, two lecturers from Würzburg visited the OAU for the first time to give lectures as part of an Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility. The intensive exchange ranged from the German education system and the adult education landscape to the application process for EU funding.

Further Development of University Teaching in Academic Adult Education

The content of the InterAAECT project, which runs from 2019-2021, focused on subject-specific interest in curricular structures and higher education didactics in the discipline of adult education. The project aimed to further develop university teaching in academic adult education. This was promoted by international comparison in increasingly international teaching-learning contexts and an associated cultural, religious and context-specific sensitization.

Promotion of Young Scholars

InterAAECT focused on the promotion of young scholars at the doctoral and master's level. The mobility phases also included staff members of the participating partner universities: a sustainable strengthening of institutional partnerships through further development of curricular structures in international comparison.
The sustainability of the exchange was ensured by the joint creation of online seminars. As a concrete development of teaching-learning environments and further development of existing "teaching modes", these were jointly developed by junior researchers during the mobility phases, especially the Summer School in Lagos.

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Prof. Dr. Regina Egetenmeyer is Professor of Adult and Continuing Education at the Institute of Education at the University of Würzburg. Her research and work focus on international and comparative adult education research, professionalization in adult education, especially academic professionalization and mobility, informal learning in corporate contexts, and continuing education management.

Professorship for Adult and Continuing Education