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JMU Research Academy is a virtual umbrella that collects and bundles the offers on the topic of academic staff development and promotion of young researchers from all JMU institutions. Together we are developing a portfolio of events and advisory services that will provide all scientists at JMU with the best possible support on their individual career paths in science, business and society. This process is currently coordinated by the Office of Personnel Development for Academic Staff, located in the Research Advancement Centre.

Research Advancement Centre

The Research Advancement Centre develops and implements strategic, capacity-building measures with the aim of promoting excellence in research. In the process, scientists are supported and accompanied in their application projects.

This is where the office for academic staff development is located, which is responsible for coordinating the JMU Research Academy.


University of Würzburg Graduate Schools

The UWGS as a central academic institution is divided into four schools: the Graduate School of Life Science, Humanities, Science and Technology, and Law, Economics and Society. The UWGS thus offers structured doctoral training in diverse subject areas.


With ProfiLehre, the University of Würzburg offers its lecturers a thematically wide-ranging didactic training programme. The seminars, workshops and lectures focus on the practice-oriented teaching of higher educational didactic competences.

Gender Equality Academy

Under the umbrella of the Gender Equality Academy, various programmes and formats are offered that are important for female academics at all stages of their career. The focus is on tailor-made measures in staff development and recruitment to increase the proportion of women at the university.

Conflict Management

By establishing a conflict management system, the university is pursuing the goal of actively strengthening the culture of cooperation and improving collaboration in research, teaching and administration. This is not only about the procedure for conflict management, but also about the active prevention of conflicts.

Service Centre Research and Technology Transfer

The Service Centre Research and Technology Transfer (SFT) is your contact for questions regarding research funding and business start-ups, patents and technology transfer at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg.

IZKF Würzburg

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Clinical Research (IZKF) is the internal research funding instrument of the Medical Faculty of the University of Würzburg. The IZKF supports interdisciplinary research projects as well as research infrastructure and supports young scientists in medicine.

Alumni Office

The Alumni Office is responsible for maintaining a lively network between alumni, staff and students of the University of Würzburg. The approximately 850 members of the Alumni Association benefit from numerous offers and can give something back to their university at the same time.

Writing Centre

As a service facility for students, the Writing Centre offers a wide range of services regarding writing in German and English. Students are supported in writing texts that meet general academic requirements. Furthermore, specialised writing support is provided in the respective subjects.

University Library

In addition to providing literature, the university library offers courses, tutorials and other services that show how to find information effectively. It also develops and maintains infrastructures for storing, processing and publishing research data in cooperation with researchers and other institutions.

Computer Centre

The computer centre is the university's central IT service provider. The diverse areas of responsibility of the institution can be divided into four work areas: central and decentralised services, communication systems, IT support, IT training and multimedia, as well as applications and software development.

Service Centre International Affairs

The Service Centre International Affairs is the central coordination office for international relations at the University of Würzburg and is also the point of contact for all topics related to the internationalisation of teaching and research. Its responsibilities include advising and supporting foreign students as well as providing information to JMU students on stays abroad.