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Social and Leadership Competence

Social and leadership competences are of particular importance in the professional environment, as they significantly influence and promote interpersonal interaction and cooperation. Many of these competences have a positive effect on scientific technical and methodological competences and thus also on joint success. (At the same time, the requirements in the work environment are complex: each person has their own individual skills, characteristics and challenges. In our permanently changing and performance-oriented world, in which time is often a scarce resource, the importance of stable and reflective personalities increases).

Our offers help you

  • to critically reflect on your own behaviour and to develop it further through self-assessment and feedback.
  • to discover new concepts, to exchange new ideas and to experiment in a protected space.
  • to recognise conflicts at an early stage and see them as an opportunity for change and further development.
  • to encounter each other with appreciation and in a culture of constructive discussion and feedback.
  • to flexibilise your leadership style and adapt it to individual, organisational and situational needs.
  • to promote equal opportunities as a manager and use diversity as a resource.

Dimensions of social and leadership competence

Leadership and supervision

  • To develop leadership skills, the JMU Research Academy offers modular leadership training and the Leadership Certificate.
  • Information and assistance in the area of staff management as well as legal requirements can be found in the Personnel Department.
  • ProfiLehre offers both training courses and certificates for the performance of supervisory tasks in higher education.
  • The Gender Equality Academy offers a variety of opportunities for personal and professional development for female academics at all career levels.
  • We provide opportunities for self-reflection on leadership-related topics by means of the mentoring of the University's Alumni Office and the coaching and counselling offered by the JMU Research Academy.

Working in a team





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Scientific communication and transfer


Offers for social and leadership competence

Leadership training

The JMU Research Academy offers modular leadership training courses aimed at improving leadership skills. In addition to the basics of leadership covered in the basic training, we also offer key topics in the areas of personnel management, communication, conflict management, equal opportunities and diversity in collaboration with our cooperation partners. Furthermore, we take up current developments in the field of personnel management. You can find all event offers here.

After registration, the Research Academy also offers participation in the Leadership Certificate.


Women's Leadership Program

The  Women's Leadership Program (WLP) is an initiative of the University Women's Representative Office and promotes women in leadership positions.

It offers a variety of events, counselling and support for female junior professors, female professors and female working group leaders in DFG research alliances at the University of Würzburg who want to expand and strengthen their leadership skills.




Conflict management

Knowledge and methods in dealing with conflicts - whether with oneself or in a team - provide essential skills for successful cooperation and personal development. In their role model function, managers learn to recognise, address and manage conflicts at an early stage.

JMU has a university-wide  conflict management system that provides  events and workshops as well as representatives as  contact points for personal conflict counselling.




Equal opportunities & diversity

Equal opportunities and diversity are essential groundbreaking elements for our management attitude and culture (JMU Equal Opportunities Concept in Research and Teaching). The  University Women's Representative at JMU is available for advice and support on the topic of equality in science. The  Gender Equality Academy offers a wide range of opportunities for personal and professional development for female academics at all career levels. The  Family Service Office is the central point of contact at the university for questions on the topic of reconciling private life with work in science and administration (goals of a family-friendly work culture).

In addition to the seminars offered by the Research Academy, you can also contact us at any time to discuss your individual questions in the context of a consultation, coaching or with a mentor. to the consultation offer