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Journal-Paper in "magazén" veröffentlicht


Torsten Roeders Paper "Rescuing Diskmags: Towards Scholarly [Re]Digitisation of an Early Born-Digital Heritage" wurde im Journal "Edizioni Ca’ Foscari" der Venice University Press veröffentlicht und ist hier frei verfügbar. Das Paper beschäftigt sich mit sog. Diskettenmagazinen, deren potentiellen Nutzen für die Forschung und den Herausforderungen einer Edition dieses speziellen Materials.

Abstract: Disk magazines are a special type of periodical that was published on floppy disk mainly in the 1980s and 1990s. Created by home computer enthusiasts for the community, disk magazines are potentially valuable as a historical resource to study the experiences of programmers, users and gamers in the early stage of microcomputing. The material preserved by fan communities could be a starting point to derive scientifically reliable resources. Creating a digital scholarly edition from the material needs not only to consider the original encoding and hardware standards, but also include the necessary role of emulation and hardware preservation.