Zentrum für Philologie und Digitalität "Kallimachos"

DFG/AHRC-Projekt "The Seven Sages of Rome" bewilligt


In Rahmen der deutsch-britische Förderinitiative in Geisteswissenschaften fördert die DFG zusammen mit dem AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council) für drei Jahre das Editionsprojekt "The Seven Sages of Rome: editing and reappraising a forgotten premodern classic from global and gendered perspectives". Antragstellerinnen sind Prof. Dr. Jutta Eming (FU Berlin) und Prof. Dr. Bettina Bildhauer (University of St Andrews). Das ZPD übernimmt die technische Umsetzung der digitalen Edition sowie der Datenbank mit Informationen zu den zahlreichen handschriftlichen und gedruckten Versionen der "Seven Sages" in 30 Sprachen.

The Seven Sages of Rome is the most famous premodern text of which nobody has ever heard, and this project aims to change that. This story cycle, told in at least 30 languages from Central Asia to Iceland over more than five centuries, recounts a medieval #metoo story of a fake rape accusation between a mute prince and his young stepmother at a royal court, and the impossibility of establishing the truth. We will reappraise the text's gender politics from the perspective of recent gender studies. Most of the versions have not yet been edited or even identified, and we will take a first step towards this by collating and expanding the available factual information on the transmission. We will also edit one of The Seven Sages' earliest versions from a multilingual hub, the Dutch tradition. Seeing each of the different versions as part of a transcultural rather than monolingual tradition will give new impulses to the study of medieval and early modern literature. Our edition and repertory of versions will be freely available online for anyone wanting to find out more about our shared transcultural rather than national or "Western" history. Academics from across the different national philologies concerned, as well as from medieval and early modern studies and gender studies generally will benefit from this project's practical and theoretical groundwork.