Globale Systeme und interkulturelle Kompetenz

Livelong Education in Nigeria

Datum: 09.04.2021, 14:00 - 18:00 Uhr
Kategorie: (Block-)Seminare, B, C
Ort: Online via Zoom
Veranstalter: Erwachsenenbildung/ Weiterbildung // Fachbereich: Pädagogik
Vortragende:r: Prof. Oluwayemisi Obashoro-John

The course is expected to give insight into the field of work and institutions of lifelong learning in Nigeria. It would consist of the history of Education and Adult Education in Nigeria in the context of Lifelong Education; Variations/Typologies, Institutions, Content, Methods and Providers of Adult Education for Lifelong Learning and Education. The course will also examine the issues of Gender Equality, Vulnerability and Vulnerable Groups; Exclusions and Inclusivity; preparations for After-Work-Life and End-of-life coping strategies in the Nigerian context.

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