Globale Systeme und interkulturelle Kompetenz

Cross-Cultural Management 1

Datum: 19.10.2017, 18:15 - 19:45 Uhr
Kategorie: (Block-)Seminare, A, C
Ort: Josef-Stangl-Platz 2, Altes IHK-Gebäude - Großer Hörsaal 01.001
Veranstalter: Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Wöchentliches Seminar

Seminar von P. K. Holland

Culture is a fundamental feature of business life, and it is manifested most obviously in the role of multinational companies, especially in modern nation-states.

This course examines the nature and influence of culture throughout the spectrum of international business.

Is a nation’s culture its blueprint for survival? Where does culture originate? How does it affect our daily lives? These are some of the questions we will examine in this course.

The first class will be on Thursday, 19. October 2017 18:15-19:45 (Brose-HS, Neue Uni)– (this room will be used only on this date)

Weekly: Mondays (Großer Hörsaal, Altes IHK-Gebäudestarting on 26. October 2017)

CCM1-A (14:15-15:45)
CCM1-B (16:15-17:45)
CCM1-C (18:15-19:45)

GSiK- Bereiche: A, C

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