Globale Systeme und interkulturelle Kompetenz

Cross-Cultural Management 1

Datum: 20.04.2023, 14:00 - 16:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Blockseminare, A, C
Ort: Sanderring 2 (Neue Universität), Raum 130
Veranstalter: Wirtschaftswissenschaften // Fachbereich: Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Vortragende: Philo Holland III

Wie typisch “deutsch” sind sie?
How much of a “typical” German are you?

What’s your Cultural Profile?
Wie sieht Ihr kulturelles Profil aus?

Entdecken Sie Ihre Gemeinsamkeiten mit über 100 Kulturen.
Find out what you have in common with 100 cultures.

Prepare yourself for the International Business front.
Seien Sie vorbereitet für internationale Beziehungen.

Culture is a fundamental feature of business life, and it is manifested most obviously in the role of multi-national companies, especially in modern nation-states. This course examines the nature and influence of culture throughout the spectrum of international business. Is a nation’s culture its blueprint for survival? Where does culture originate? How does it affect our daily lives? These are some of the questions we will examine in this course.

The course is organized in weekly classes. In order to understand the correlations between culture and international business, we will study the universal elements of culture. We begin by looking at the origins of culture. In particular, we will review the roots and routes of culture and how culture is influenced by climate and religion.

The seminar continues with cross-century worldviews, cultural spectacles, cultural black holes and cognitive processes such as language and thought. Lastly, we reflect on culture and globalization, Empires – past, present and future.

The course challenges students to think more deeply about what they have learned in the other international business subjects and further develop a better understanding of some central issues in corporate communications, brand management, corporate diversity and post merger collaboration.

Available for the first time to Universities, students will have the unique opportunity to create their own Individual Behavioral Profile. In addition, this seminar is filled with in-class exercises as well as on-campus activities such as foreign student interviews.

We will ALL meet first in the Sparkassen Lecture Hall together on April 20th at 14:15. During this first session, we will introduce the course and will explain how students be will equally divided into three groups based on various demographic criteria. Registered students will then be distributed into three equally diverse groups.

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