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This page contains general campus management-related documents. Documents for administrative use (WueStudy manual, training course slides, module description templates, etc.) are available in the intranet section.

  • Training materials are available on the ‘Materialien’ tile in the intranet section of this page. Those materials are available in German only.

The WueStudy manual has two parts. Part 1 describes the key principles of WueStudy 1.0 to give users a clear idea of how campus management processes are facilitated by the system. The glossary in part 2 of the manual defines key terms relating to WueStudy.

  • The most recent version of the WueStudy manual. Please note that the manual is available in German only.

The most recent version of the WueStudy manual for BI-User:

The module descriptions as well as module catalogues and SFBs (lists of modules) that you can access via WueStudy are also available for download in PDF format.

We are always looking for ways to improve the functionality of WueStudy and have thus put in place a change request procedure that allows us to systematically track and document change requests. If you want to submit a change request, please download our change request form(available in German only) and provide the information requested on pages 1 and 3 (section ‘Fachliche Spezifikation’) of the document. The remaining sections will be completed over the course of the procedure. Please do not hesitate to contact the WueStudy team with any questions you may have.