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Changes and Support

Planned and configured in the context of the CMS project (information provided on the project page available in German only), WueStudy 1.0 provided a defined set of functionalities. It is planned to make new features and functionalities available on future versions of the system (WueStudy 1.1, ...).

Change requests are collected by the WueStudy support team ( and documented in a change request form(available in German only). Changes that are found to be feasible will be implemented into a future version of the system. To ensure that the implementation of changes runs smoothly and users benefit from the new features and functionalities that are added to the system, it is planned to involve all user groups concerned in change processes.

In addition to collecting and processing change requests, the WueStudy support team is responsible for troubleshooting any issues with existing features and functionalities of WueStudy (in the version currently used) that users may encounter. Regular updates of the HISinOne software that is underlying WueStudy ensure that the system is always up to date.