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Responsibilities of the WueStudy team include providing user support and making available new features and functionalities.

  • Team leader: Dr. Daniel Hartmann (Unit A.3)
  • Team members: see Unit A.3 WueStudy Team


Responsibilities of the CMS project team (information provided on the project page available in German only) include configuring and testing the new campus management system WueStudy 1.0 as well as migrating all data from the old SB@Home system to the new system.

  • Project leader: Dr. Richard Greiner (Institute of Mathematics)
  • Leader of sub-projects APP and STU: Sabine Deubel-Schön (Student Services)
  • Leader of sub-project BI: Dr. Volker Latussek (Unit A.1)
  • Leader of sub-project EXA-VM: Thorsten Becker (Unit A.3)
  • Leader of sub-project EXA-STG: Dr. Richard Greiner (Institute of Mathematics)
  • Leader of sub-project EXA-PM: Christian Burdack (Examination Office)
  • Leader of sub-project EXA-NG: Dr. Daniel Hartmann (Unit A.3)
  • Leader of sub-project IT: Andreas Volpert (Office of Information Technology for the Central Administration)
  • Project assistant: Irina Wischer (Unit A.3)