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The CMS Project

In 2010, the University of Würzburg launched the CMS project in the context of which a new campus management system was to be introduced to replace the existing SB@Home system. The task of the project team, which included members from all user groups concerned, was to

  • review and document existing processes for the administration of the various stages of the student lifecycle,
  • identify opportunities for improvement,
  • describe the processes to be supported by the new campus management system,
  • identify the functionalities to be provided by the system,
  • configure and test the new campus management system WueStudy 1.0,
  • migrate all data from the old SB@Home system to the new system, discontinue the old system, and launch the new system at the end of 2018/beginning of 2019, and to
  • operate the system during the first six months of 2019 and perform a system update.

The CMS project has been finished on 31 July 2019. For more information, go to the CMS project page (information on that page available in German only).