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Graduiertenkolleg 2581

Berlin Spring School

The Berlin Spring School was organized by the postdoctoral researchers at the Institute of Pharmacy ath the FU Berlin. All our graduate students have performed lipid analysis and used novel synthesized tailor-made analogs to perform their research projects.

At the Spring School, especially our graduates with medical and biological background were able to gain knowledge of the analytical/chemical methods of detection of sphingolipids and their metabolitees which is essential for the performance of their research projects.

There have been lectures from the introduction in chromatographic separation techniques to group works and experimental work to independent work on obtained mass spectrometric raw data, calculations, interpretations and oral presentations of the results.

It gives our graduates a great chance of intense discussions, improved networking and strengthening the research program.

The Berlin Spring School took place in 2 groups from 28 March until 8 April 2022.