Zentrum für Philologie und Digitalität "Kallimachos"

Dr. rer. nat. Herbert Baier

University of Würzburg
Center for Philology and Digitality "Kallimachos"
Emil-Fischer-Straße 31
D-97074 Würzburg 

Building: 31
Room: 01.002
Phone: +49 931 / 31 - 84988

Selected Publications

  • Higher-Order Approximation to the Guidewire Model Used in Simulators of Cardiac Catheterization and Multiple Segment Relaxations. Baier-Saip, Jürgen A.; Baier, Pablo A.; Oliveira, Jauvane C.; Baier, Herbert in PRESENCE: Virtual and Augmented Reality (2021). 27(4) 333–360.
  • Shear locking in one-dimensional finite element methods. Baier-Saip, J.A.; Baier, P.A.; de Faria, A.R.; Oliveira, J.C.; Baier, H. in European Journal of Mechanics - A/Solids (2020). 79 103871.
  • Linear spring stiffnesses for two-dimensional finite element modeling of arteries. Baier-Saip, J.A.; Baier, P.A.; Oliveira, J.C.; Baier, H. in European Journal of Mechanics - A/Solids (2018). 72 57–65.
  • ISAAC - InterSpecies Analysing Application using Containers. Baier, H.; Schultz, J. in BMC Bioinformatics (2014). 15(1) 18.
  • Rethinking strategy instruction: direct reading strategy instruction versus computer-based guided practice. Lenhard, Wolfgang; Baier, Herbert; Endlich, Darius; Schneider, Wolfgang; Hoffmann, Joachim in Journal of Research in Reading (2011). 36(2) 223–240.
  • SUMMA - A LSA Integrated Development System. Baier, H.; Lenhard, W.; Hoffmann, J.; Schneider, W. in Apprentissage, mémoire, analyse sémantique latente LSA, S. Jhean-Larose, G. Denhière (eds.) (2010). (Vol. 8.1) 23–49.
  • Automatische Bewertung offener Antworten mittels Latenter Semantischer Analyse. Lenhard, Wolfgang; Baier, Herbert; Hoffmann, Joachim; Schneider, Wolfgang in Diagnostica (2007). 53(3) 155–165.
  • Human-Computer Interaction in the PeLoTe rescue system. Driewer, F.; Schilling, K.; Baier, H. (2005).
  • Robot–human rescue teams: a user requirements analysis. Driewer, Frauke; Baier, Herbert; Schilling, Klaus in Advanced Robotics (2005). 19(8) 819–838.
  • PeLoTe - a Heterogeneous Telematic System for Cooperative Search and Rescue Missions. Kulich, M.; Kout, J.; Přeučil, L.; Mazl, R.; Chudoba, J.; Saarinen, J.; Suomela, J.; Halme, A.; Driewer, F.; Baier, H.; Schilling, K.; Ruangpayoongsak, N.; Roth, H. (2004).
  • The Analytic Polynomial-Time Hierarchy. Baier, Herbert; Wagner, Klaus W. in Mathematical Logic Quarterly (1998). 44(4) 529–544.
  • Bounding queries in the analytic polynomial-time hierarchy. Baier, Herbert; Wagner, Klaus W. in Theoretical Computer Science (1998). 207(1) 89–104.

Further publications can be found here.


Job History

  • Since 01/2018: Research associate at the Center for Philology and Digitality (University of Würzburg).
  • 11/2013-12/2017: System Developer and Administrator of the Digitization Center of the University Library (University of Würzburg).
  • 10/2013-10/2013: Software development specialist at Burkard Schmachtenberger Lohnkonfektionierung (BSL Ippesheim, Germany).
  • 10/2008-09/2011: Research assistant at the Chair of Psychology IV - Developmental and Educational Psychology (University of Würzburg).
  • 10/2007-09/2013: Research assistant at the Chair of Bioinformatics / Biocenter (University of Würzburg).
  • Since 09/2007: Freelance work "itbaier" (Winterhausen, Germany).
  • 09/2005-08/2007: Research assistant at the Chair of Psychology III - Cognitive Psychology and Behavioral Control (University of Würzburg).
  • 01/2005-12/2005: Freelance work "Dr. Baier IT-Solutions" (Winterhausen, Germany).
  • 03/2003-12/2004: Research assistant at the Chair of Computer Science VII - Robotics and Telematics (University of Würzburg and Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences).
  • 4/2001-02/2003: Software development specialist at Intelligente Informationssysteme AG (iisy AG, Rimpar, Germany).
  • 07/1998-03/2001: Project manager at InfoSim Networking Solutions AG and at InfoSim Informationstechnik GmbH (Würzburg, Germany).
  • 07/1997-06/1998: Research assistant at the Chair of Computer Science IV - Theoretical Computer Science (University of Würzburg).
  • 10/1987-02/1990: Research associate at the Foundation for Meteorology and Water Resources of Ceará (FUNCEME, Brazil).


  • 10/1993-07/1998: Doctoral studies in Computer Science at the Chair of Computer Science IV - Theoretical Computer Science (University of Würzburg). Emphasis in algorithms and complexity theory. Doctoral thesis "Operators of Higher Order". Supported by scholarships from CNPq (Brazil) and DAAD (Germany).
  • 03/1990-03/1993: Studies of Computer Science (Master) at the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP, Brazil). Emphasis in graph theory and development and analysis of algorithms. Master thesis "Matching algorithms for bipartite graphs". Supported by scholarships from CNPq, FAPESP and FAEP (Brazil).
  • 03/1986-02/1990: Studies of Computer Science (Bachelor) at the Federal University of Ceará (UFC, Brazil).


  • A short description of selected projects can be found here.
  • 2nd place at the French national competition on automatic text classification of the DEFT organization (2007) (in cooperation with the working group of Prof. Guy Denhière, Sorbonne, Paris).
  • Patent "Method, system, and end user device for identifying a sender in a network" under European patent application 01 936 124.5-2413-EP0103264.