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Guest Lectures

Datum: 14.06.2023, 18:00 Uhr
Vortragende*r: Prof. Dr. Keisuke Kawamoto, Prof. Dr. Zuowei Xie & Prof. Dr. Maik Finze

In the SCIAS guest lectures, the visiting professors and their hosts of the university introduce themselves and their research areas in the lecture hall of the Welz house to fellow guests, hosts and an interested audience of the university and the city in short 20-minute keynote lectures. Afterwards, the participants have the opportunity to discuss and learn more about the respective projects and research areas to promote international and interdisciplinary exchange, dialogue and cooperation.


  • Prof. Dr. Zuowei Xie (Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, China) & Prof. Dr. Maik Finze (Institut für Anorganische Chemie, Lehrstuhl III, JMU): Controlled Functionalization of Carborane and Their Potential Applications
  • Prof. Dr. Keisuke Kawamoto (Kurume University, Japan, guest at Institute of Pathology, Prof. Andreas Rosenwald, JMU): Challenges for suitable classification of peripheral T-cell lymphoma

Prof. Dr. Zuowei Xie holds a chair at the Department of Chemistry of the Southern University of Science and Technology (Shenzhen, China). He is staying at the Welz house within the framework of his Humboldt Research Award from the beginning of June until the end of August as a guest of Prof. Dr. Maik Finze from the Institute of Anorganic Chemistry (JMU). He is currently working on a research project on the controlled functionalization of B-H bond in carboranes and boranes.

Prof. Dr. Keisuke Kawamoto is an assistant professor at the Department of Pathology of Kurume University (Fukuoka, Japan) who has received a Humboldt Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers. He has been staying at the Welz house from the beginning of December 2022 and will stay until the end of March 2025 as a guest of Prof. Andreas Rosenwald from the Institute of Pathology (JMU). He is currently working on a collaboration study in subtype classification of follicular helper T-cell derived peripheral T-cell lymphoma by novel multiplexed imaging analysis and a novel spatial transcriptome analysis.

The presentation and the following discussion are open to the public and will be held in English. All interested parties are welcome! Registration is requested. For further information, please consult the official invitation.

Contact: SCIAS Office, scias-office@uni-wuerzburg.de