Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Research Center for Complex Material Systems


    X-Ray Powder Diffactometer (XRPD)


    • Standard X-ray powder diffraction:
      • Qualitative and quantitative phase analysis
      • Several measurement setups available:
        • Reflection, Transmission, Debye-Scherrer (capillary)
        • Bragg-Brentano and Parallel Beam geometry
    • Structure analysis and solution
      • Monochromatic Cu- or Mo-K alpha1 radiation (Johansson monochromators) available for structure refinement and solution
    • Non-ambient measurement conditions:
      • High temperature measurements up to 1200°C
      • Measurements with defined relative humidity
    • Analysis of challenging samples:
      • Combination of zero-background sample holders, air-tight sample preparation techniques, freely movable xyz-sample stage, focusing Goebel mirror and 2D-detector allows analysis of samples that are
        • air sensitive
        • weakly scattering
        • not easy to prepare with standard sample preparation tools
        • only available in very small amounts


    • X-ray sources:
      • Cu ceramic tube, output 2.2 kW
      • Mo ceramic tube, output 3.0 kW
    • Primary side:
      • Johansson monochromators for monochromatic Cu- or Mo-K alpha1 radiation
      • Focusing Goebel mirror
      • Variable divergence slit or several fixed divergence slits
      • Micro slits and point collimators
    • Goniometer:
      • Usable 2 theta angle range (approx.) -100° to 330°
      • Smallest stepsize: 0.0001°
    • Sample Stages:
      • Rotation stage (standard) for transmission and reflection geometry
      • Capillary stage for Debye-Scherrer geometry
      • Motorized xyz-stage
        • x, y, z: 0 – 24 mm
        • usable with all specimen holders for reflection geometry
        • specially designed flow-through cell (partially still in development)
      • mri TC-H humidity chamber
        • Tunable relative humidity: 0 – 95%
        • Temperature rt – 90°C (with controlled humidity) or up to 300°C (dry N2 stream)
      • Anton Paar HTK 1200 high temperature chamber:
        • for temperatures up to 1200°C
        • reflection or Debye-Scherrer (capillary) geometry
      • Secondary side:
        • Motorized slit as scattering beam aperture
        • Mount for various slits and filters
      • Detectors:
        • LynxEye 0D/1D detector (usable as 0D point detector or 1D detector with 192 channels)
        • Våntec 500 2D detector