Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Research Center for Complex Material Systems

    SEM (JEOL JSM-7100F) and XRM (XRM II)

    Scanning Electron Microscope (JEOL JSM-7100F) equipped with a X-ray microscope (XRM II)


    Scanning Electron Microscop (JEOL JSM-7100):

    • SEI Resolution: 1.2 nm (30 kV)
    • Magnification: 10 - 1 000 000
    • Accelerating Voltage: 0.2 - 30 kV
    • Probe Current: 1 pA - 400 nA
    • Electron Gun: In-lens Schottky field emission gun
    • A state of the art scanning electron microscope

    X-ray microscope (XRM II):

    • Source: Customized JEOL JSM-7100F (Vacc 30 kV, Imax 400 nA)
    • Reflection Target: Nanostructured molybdenum and tungsten
    • Detector: Photon-counting direct-converting X-ray detector with 768x512 pixels
    • Magnification: up to 1000
    • Resolution: down to 50 nm
    • Fully 3D imaging possible through piezo-powered rotational axis

    Contact person


    • Chair of X-ray Microscopy


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