JMU Research Academy

C: Examining and Assessing in English (Online)

Datum: 25.05.2023, 13:00 - 26.05.2023, 13:00 Uhr
Kategorie: C2
Ort: Online


  • discuss general dos and don’ts for setting written exams,
  • formulate clear and precise written exam questions,
  • use a marking scheme (rubric) to assess written and oral exam responses,
  • discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using marking schemes and in which situations they are most/least appropriate,
  • create a list of strategies to handle issues regarding international students and assessment,
  • develop a list of natural phrases to use in oral exams as well as practise mini oral exams in order to put them into action,
  • discuss what it means to hold an effective oral exam and
  • look at methods of giving feedback for assessments.

This course focuses on how to examine in English. Participants will consider how to formulate clear and unambiguous exam questions in assessing written and oral exams. They will be shown marking schemes that facilitate student assessment and be given the chance to apply a marking scheme to real student examination responses. For oral exams, aside from acquiring the linguistic tools to paraphrase, simplify, or ask for greater detail, participants will also practise the language necessary for warming-up nervous students and for giving feedback.

Intercultural issues that may impact students' exam performances will also be discussed, and participants will have practice in handling challenging situations, particularly in oral exams.

After the course, participants will be more confident when examining in English and will be equipped with the linguistic and practical skills necessary to hold oral and written exams effectively.

Course instructor: Matthew Emery



  • Thursday, 25 May 2023, from 1 pm to 4:30 pm and
  • Friday, 26 May 2023, from 9 am to 1 pm


  • online (Zoom)
  • For this course, you need a WueCampus account. For instructions on how to create a guest account for participants from the PLP network, click here.


  • Participation fee: 35 € (Form of payment: bank transfer or internal billing. For internal billing, you can ask your chair [JMU only] whether the costs of this further training can be covered.)
  • Work units (Arbeitseinheiten): 8 AE in area C
  • Availability: There are enough free places available.
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