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Teaching and Continuing Education

With the Frequently Asked Questions, we would like to provide newcomers in particular with all relevant information about our services before they register. If you have any questions that are not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Before registration

Our continuing education program is open to academic employees of all Bavarian universities who are actively involved in teaching at a faculty. If you are a student tutor and would like to receive further training, we kindly refer you to the counselling and continuing education programme for students.

Please consult your habilitation regulations to find out to what extent you are required to complete further training in higher education teaching. Teachers at the Medical Faculty please contact the Institute of Medical Teaching and Medical Education Research for a preliminary discussion.

Registration, course participation and follow-up

Here you will find our course programme.

If you have found one or more courses you would like to attend, please fill out our registration form.

You only need one template even for multiple course requests: Please write all courses one below the other in the corresponding box. Please be sure to state the titles and dates of the courses.

After your registration, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail as soon as possible.

The respective fee is calculated according to the scope of the course.

Courses held as part of the QUADIS project are free of charge.

For external participants – i. e. participants from an institution that does not belong to the ProfiLehrePlus network – the participation fee is 390 € per seminar (8 AE/work units) or 585 € per seminar (12 AE/work units).

In the registration form, you can choose between the payment methods bank transfer and internal billing.

Please check in advance to what extent your continuing education can be covered by your department.

Please choose internal billing if your chair will cover the costs of the continuing education. The invoice will be sent by in-house post after the seminar. This method of payment is only available to teachers at the University of Würzburg. It is unfortunately not available to teachers at the Universitätsklinikum.

Please choose bank transfer if you are covering the costs of the continuing education yourself. Transferring the fee via PayPal is not permitted.

If you are unable to attend a course, please let us know immediately by e-mail. Please cancel your registration only with us and not with external course instructors.

For fee-based courses, we can cancel your registration free of charge up to eight days before the start of the course, after which we will have to charge you the course fee if no substitute participant can be found.

If not all places have been filled ten days before the start of the seminar, you will automatically be moved to the list of participants; if the course is fully booked, you will be moved to the list of participants if others cancel their registration. In both cases we will inform you by e-mail.

You will receive all relevant information by e-mail seven days before the course date.

It is mandatory to activate your camera and microphone during the seminar in order to receive a certificate of participation.

In some courses, completing asynchronous exercises is obligatory. You will find more information on this in the respective course descriptions.

Please note that following the regulations of the German Association for Educational and Academic Staff Development in Higher Education (DGHD), we can only certify your attendance if you were present for at least 75 % of the duration of the seminar. For example, for a training course of 12 AE (work units), this means that at least 9 AE are mandatory.

Possible deduction of work units (AE): 1 AE each as of 30 minutes absence with 45 minutes per AE.

In case of illness, please cancel your registration immediately by e-mail. You have up to three days after the course date to submit a doctor's certificate (by e-mail as a photo or scan) in order to receive a refund of the course fee.

In order to ensure continuous optimisation of our services, we rely on your support. In the invitation, you will receive a password to access a digital feedback form. Please complete the questionnaire as soon as possible after the course.

You will receive your certificate along with the invoice by e-mail after the course or after the deadline for submitting asynchronous exercises.

We will send the payment confirmation by post after having received the bank transfer.

Cancellation of a course at short notice for valid reasons (illness of the course leaders, insufficient number of participants) cannot be ruled out.

Our ProfiLehre library is available to all teachers at the University of Würzburg. It is used for the preparation and follow-up of courses or the consolidation of individual topics.

Our certificate programme

The “Certificate for Teaching in Higher Education of the Bavarian Universities” comprises a total of 60 work units at the basic level. Only courses from the ProfiLehre course programme of the University of Würzburg will be credited.

You must follow the minimum distribution of the work units (AE):

  • Area A (Teaching and Learning Concepts): 12 AE
  • Area B (Presentation and Communication): 12 AE
  • Area C (Examination): 8 AE
  • Area D (Reflection and Evaluation): 8 AE
  • Area E (Advising and Mentoring): 8 AE

You can obtain the remaining 12 AE in areas of your choice.

In order to receive the certificate at the advanced level or specialised level, you are required to also complete courses in German. You can find the requirements in our overview on Mahara.

Please only use our e-mail address for the digital submission of your certificates of participation. Submission by post and uploading certificates on the ProfiLehrePlus platform are not intended for teachers at the University of Würzburg.

Step 1: Check. To check that you have completed both the total number of work units required and the minimum number of work units required in each of the five subject areas (A-E), please use our certificate calculator. (Download)

  • When applying, please bear in mind that – following the regulations of the German Association for Educational and Academic Staff Development in Higher Education (DGHD) – certificates of participation that are older than 6 years can no longer be accepted.
  • The basic and advanced level certificates are cumulative, so an application for double issuance cannot be granted. If you have already completed 120 or more work units, you will receive one document certifying all the courses you have completed.

Step 2: Send application. Please send us the completed certificate calculator as well as the scans of your certificates of participation for the courses attended by e-mail. Please use the subject “Certificate application”. You will get a confirmation of receipt from us as soon as possible.

Step 3: Certificate dispatch. After our staff has checked the documents you have submitted and confirmed the correctness of the application, the certificate is processed. This takes about one week. Afterwards, we send the certificate by in-house post to the work address you entered in the certificate calculator.

In the basic level certificate (60 AE/work units), only courses from our course programme here in Würzburg can be credited.

In the advanced level certificate (120 AE), courses from other locations can also be credited. The upper limit for external courses that can be included in the certificate is 60 AE. You can find a comprehensive range of creditable seminars on the website of the Bavaria-wide ProfiLehrePlus network.

Your certificate of participation must show the scope and location of the content (area A-E). Courses from the ProfiLehrePlus network can be easily accepted for credit. For other courses, we must verify whether they are eligible for credit.

This might also interest you

Please download Zoom in due time before the start of the seminar and check in advance whether your camera and microphone are working. If you encounter any problems during installation or use, please feel free to contact us. You can also find information on how to use Zoom on the website of the Rechenzentrum (only available in German).

External participants need a guest account to access the university’s Moodle platform WueCampus. This is how you can register:

  • Open WueCampus.
  • Click on “new account form”.
  • Follow the steps indicated.

Once you have created the account, please log in to WueCampus in order to appear among the possible participants for a course.
Please inform us as soon as this process is completed so we can promptly add you to the respective seminar room.

To add a course you have attended in Würzburg to your ProfiLehrePlus account, please follow these steps:

  • Open your account.
  • Click on “Closed seminar bookings” (“Besuchte Seminare”).
  • Select “Create seminar manually” (“Seminar manuell anlegen”).
  • Fill in the form and upload your certificate of participation.
  • Be sure to enter your home university in the “Responsible coordinator” field.

The coordinator of your home university’s centre for teaching and learning will confirm your participation.

Please note especially the following information:

  • Do not send names, addresses or other confidential data via chat. Instead, use e-mail programs or the forum in WueCampus.
  • You are only allowed to record Zoom meetings (as videos or screenshots) with the prior approval of all participants.

By participating in the Zoom meeting, you confirm that you have read the privacy policy and agree with its terms. You can find this here.