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Chemotaxis – from Basic Physics to Biology

International Workshop coming up!

13 - 17 May 2024

The Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems Dresden, Germany is hosting a workshop on chemotaxis. A late registration was opened. For anyone interested please visit:




Combining Efforts towards Human and Animal Parasitic Diseases

24th Drug Design & Development Seminar (DDDS)

March 13th – 15th, 2024

The 24th Drug Design & Development Seminar (DDDS) was held successfully in Würzburg this year, organized by the German Society for Parasitology (DGP). The seminar brought together experts and researchers in the field to discuss the latest advancements in drug design and development for combating parasitic diseases. PoP has contributed to this seminar, for example through our involvement in Project 4 of the PoP SPP.




Recent Publication of P9

Embracing pioneering research, the groups of Stanislav Gorb and Kristina Lehnert-Sobotta both from Project 9 illuminate the remarkable grip of the seal louse in the ocean. Their collaborative study, featured in Communications Biology, not only sheds light on the intricate world of parasite behavior but also ignites potential for pioneering bio-inspired underwater grippers. Check out their recent Press release.



The Simulated Parasite School 2024

The Parasite School in Jülich came to an end with gratitude to all the lecturers, attendees, and organizers for their contributions. We want to express our thanks to PHYMOT and FZ Jülich for their great cooperation with us at Physics of Parasitism SPP 2332.

Physics of Parasitism III meeting in Würzburg

Thank you all for your contributions and participation in our recent meeting. We are excited to build on the positive momentum from this meeting in our research collaboration.

JPoP Retreat

The Retreat of J-Pop provided an excellent opportunity to strengthen our network within the PhD community. Thanks to all contributors!

Physics of Parasitism III meeting in Würzburg

2nd annual meeting at 15.-17.01.2024

The second annual meeting will be held at Juliusspital in Würzburg. We are excited for productive discussions!

1st JPoP Retreat


Members of JPoP are cordially invited to participate in a retreat immediately following the annual meeting.

Upcoming: software carpentry workshop for JPoP

Date and Venue: 21.09.23 to 22.09.23 CCTB, Universität Würzburg, Klara-Oppenheimer-Weg 32, 97074 Würzburg

Please contact elisabeth.meiser@uni-wuerzburg.de to register

Don't miss this opportunity to broaden your expertise

Rashmi scoops a poster prize!

March 15th-17th, 2023

JPOP member Rashmi Nakate (Project 10) scooped 2nd place in the poster prizes at the German Society for Parasitology meeting in Gießen - well done Rashmi!



PoP at DGP 2023

March 15-17, 2023

There will be an entire PoP session at the 2023 meeting of the German Society for Parasitology in Gießen! Programme for the session viewable here.


Physics of Parasitism II meeting in Würzburg

November 28th-30th, 2022

We had our first in-person network meeting at the Juliusspital in Würzburg! Updates on the progress of all projects, discussion of research themes, and much more.

Original artwork for meeting poster by Oliver Hoeller - isn't it fab?


PoP at ICOPA 2022

August 21-26, 2022

Markus Engstler chaired the Physics of Parasitism symposium as part of the ICOPA2022  meeting.


Parasite Physics announcements

Do YOU have a parasite physics announcement (PhD/postdoc positions, upcoming conferences/workshops/symposia) that you'd like promoting in the PoP community and beyond? Contact elisabeth.meiser@uni-wuerzburg.de if so.


Parasite physics PhD position available!

July 26th, 2022

A fully-funded 3-year PhD position to examine the adhesion and mechanics of coddician parasites is available in the Husson/Puech/Dumetre groups in France. The project involves the development of single-cell force measurement tools.


1st annual PoP meeting announced

(November 28, 2022)

The first annual PoP meeting will take place in Würzburg at the end of November 2022. 


Inaugural PoP meeting

March 24-25th, 2022

The PoP programme begins! The inaugural meeting took place online to introduce the projects and the structure of the programme.

Brooke Morriswood to be PoP coordinator

March 1st, 2022

Brooke Morriswood has been appointed as the coordinator for the PoP programme. Brooke is currently a group leader in Würzburg working on the molecular cell biology of trypanosomatids.