Global Teacher Education

    1. GoTEd Week

      Day 1: June 15, 2021
    09.00 Welcome and introduction
    10.00 The German educational system: Structure, history, differentiation, outcome | Dr. Matthias Erhardt, Professional School of Education, JMU
    13.00 Breaktime activities
    14.00 Foreign language teaching and learning in Germany | Franziska Pukowski, Cornelia Savelsberg, Chair of EFL Teaching, JMU
    16.30 Networking with the cooperation partners of the GoTEd project (for partners only)
      Day 2: June 16, 2021  
    10.00 Introduction to Special Needs Education with teaching examples | Ulrike Greenwood, Wilhelm-Pfeffer-Schule Herzogenaurach  
    13.00 Breaktime activities  
    14.00 Facilitating transnational collaborative learning through Virtual Exchange | Kristina Förster, Institute of Pedagogics, JMU, Aysel Sariacaoglu Aygan PhD, Social Sciences University Ankara, Turkey  
    16.30 Didaktik and "Pedagogical Content Knowledge" in Science education – a juxtaposition | Dr. Katja Weirauch, Department of Chemistry Teaching, JMU, Dr. Karin Lohwasser, Department of Education, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA  
      Day 3: June 17, 2021  
    10.00 A virtual tour through the M!ND Center and its pathways to scientific literacy | Dr. Markus Elsholz and M!ND colleagues, Chair of Physics and its Didactics, JMU  
    13.00 Feedback and future activities  
    International Market
    14.00 Poland (University of Łódź) Czech Republic (University of Hradec Králové) France (University of Caen) Germany (University of Würzburg)
    14.35 Spain (University of Cádiz) Czeck Republic (University of Hradec Králové) France (University of Caen) Italy (University of Bari)
    15.10 Poland (University of Łódź) Spain (University of Cádiz) Germany (University of Würzburg) Italy (University of Bari)

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