Research Training Group 2660: Approach-Avoidance


Structured curriculum

This RTG includes a structured qualification program, which is based on a three-year PhD curriculum. The program is open to PhD students with RTG funding as well as other PhD students with independent (third-party) funding who work on related projects. The curriculum has three qualification foci: science skills, lab skills and soft skills, taught during a maximum of six SWS during each semester. An additional summer school or workshop per year during semester breaks will address specific needs of the doctoral researchers. PhD students join the qualification program simultaneously, but relevant teaching modules will also be recorded and provided as online material. This procedure will enable new PhD students to join in the running curriculum. Further needs-oriented workshops will be offered for this group to allow them to close the gap on their fellow students. Similar measures will be offered for PhD students who need to suspend courses because of maternity or childcare leave.