Graduiertenkolleg 2581

Project 2

Measles virus dependent regulation of sphingolipids at the T cell plasma membrane and their differential role in effector and memory T cell function

Elita Avota,  Markus Sauer

The role of measles virus (MV)-induced and sphingomyelinase dependent modulation of lipids and lipid-regulated protein topology, functionality at the plasma membrane of T cells as the part of suppression of immune responses.

The project includes:

1) sphingomyelinase activity and lipid profile analysis of the different T cell subsets treated with MV upon hypoxic and high density cell culture conditions mimicking the environment within secondary lymphatic tissue;

2) plasma membrane protein and lipid visulaization by super-resolution microscopy techniques (dSTORM, SIM) including usage of functionalized synthetic sphingolipids.


PhD topic: Super-resolution microscopy of sphingolipids at the T cell plasma membrane during measles virus infection

Elita Avota

Markus Sauer