Graduiertenkolleg 2581


    Project 1

    The NSM2 as virus effector: targets, topology and functional consequences in T cells

    Lars Dölken, Niklas Beyersdorf and Sibylle Schneider-Schaulies

    Project 2

    Measles virus dependent regulation of sphingolipids at the T cell plasma membrane and their differential role in effector and memory T cell function

    Elita Avota,  Markus Sauer

    Project 3

    Sphingolipids balancing CD4+ Foxp3+ regulatory and effector T cell responses in chronic viral infections

    Niklas Beyersdorf and Wolfgang Kastenmüller

    Project 4

    Role of Sphingosine-1 phosphate and S1P1-3 receptors in the pathophysiology of meningococcal meningitis

    Alexandra Schubert-Unkmeir

    Project 5

    The role of Sphingolipids in Innate Immune Recognition of Candida albicans

    Oliver Kurzai

    Project 6

    Determining the role of sphingomyelinases in S. aureus phagocytosis

    Martin Fraunholz, Christian Stigloher

    Project 7

    Sphingolipid trafficking and function in Chlamydiales infection

    Thomas Rudel

    Project 8

    Mitochondrial sphingolipids and their role in infection

    Vera Kozjak-Pavlovic

    Project 9

    Sphingolipid metabolic pathways in infection control by the use of chemically synthesized modified sphingolipids and in the era of sphingolipidomics

    Burkhard Kleuser, Jürgen Seibel

    Project 10

    Involvement of sphingolipids in coronavirus replication

    John Ziebuhr

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