Graduiertenkolleg 2581

    14 PhD positions in Biology, Physics and Chemistry


    The DFG funded Research Training Group “Metabolism, topology and compartmentalization of membrane proximal lipid and signaling components in infection” (SphingoInf) at the University of Würzburg, Germany, invites applications for 14 PhD Positions in biology, physics, and chemistry

    The positions are fixed term for 36 months, and the expected starting date is 1 April 2020.

    (salary level E13 TV-L, 65%)

    Application procedure

    Please download the Application Form (link). That PDF form can be filled in with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    Important hint for filling in the form: Under "Which principal investigators are you interested to join", please make
    your choice according to the research projects described on the homepage.
    After completing the form, Adobe Acrobat Reader may give you the option to directly send the file. Disregard this
    option,  instead save the document without any further changes and send it in one e-mail to grk2581@uni-wuerzburg.de,
    together with one and only one other PDF file, in which you merged the following documents:

    PDFs or scans and images saved in PDF format of your:
    - secondary school leaving certificate
    - if applicable, university entrance qualification (e.g. Gaokao if you are from China, National entrance exams like
    NEET or GATE if you are from India etc.)
    - BSc and MSc diplomas and complete transcripts including a
    - full description of the grading scale under which you have obtained your degrees
    - English language certificate
    - Curriculum vitae (CV)

    Regarding the scans/images: They must have a high enough quality to be readable (200 dpi is usually fully sufficient),
    the resulting file may however not exceed 10 MB.

    Thus we expect to receive two and exactly two PDF files from you:
    1. The completed application form
    2. The documents (max 10 MB)"