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Writing Research Articles

Datum: 25.11.2022, 10:00 - 18:00 Uhr
Kategorie: englisch, Research Academy, R1, R2, Wissenschaft
Ort: Zoom
Veranstalter: JMU Research Academy, Wissenschaftliche Personalentwicklung
Vortragende:r: Dzifa Vode

Writing can be a painful process, especially if nothing less than your academic career depends on the text to be written. All academic writing is about more than just your research findings. Besides the content, every author has at least two other aspects to deal with. First, language. Of course you want to write in a clear, concise and elegant manner. However, the sentences you produce sound awkward and clumsy. Your mind is filled with great ideas, but whenever you write something down, it is a world away from the perfectly crafted language in the articles of the journals you read. Second, the process. Whenever you sit down to actually write something, you get a rising feeling of panic. The amount of work to be done seems so overwhelming that you immediately switch to another task like tidying up or sorting your books by color.

In this 1-day workshop, we will discuss what characterizes academic writing in your discipline and what constitutes good style. You will find out how to continuously improve your writing skills and how to organize your writing process. We will talk about writing, reflect on our own writing habits, share successful strategies with each other and work with our own and others’ texts.

Workshop topics:

  • Characteristics of academic language
  • Structuring your text
  • Elements of good style
  • The writing process and writing strategies
  • Giving and receiving text feedback
  • Solving writing problems

Requirements: ability to communicate quite fluently in English

As a participant you are asked to bring two texts with you:

  • A piece of their own academic writing, about 5 pages long – an excerpt is fine – and definitely a work-in-progress rather than a finished product.
  • An academic text of any length by an author of your discipline (other than yourself) that you consider to be well written.

In addition, please send in a piece of your own scientific writing (any length) to Dzifa Vode ( about one week before the workshop. Anonymous examples from the participants’ texts will be used in the workshop.

Trainer: Dzifa Vode
Writing Center Director at the Nuremberg Institute of Technology, graduate translator (Munich University of Applied Sciences), master’s degree in adult education (Technical University of Kaiserslautern); writer’s coach, trainer for academic writing

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