JMU Research Academy

Scientific Publishing - VIRTUAL WORKSHOP

Datum: 18.02.2021, 09:00 - 19.02.2021, 17:00 Uhr
Kategorie: R1, Wissenschaft, Workshop
Ort: VIRTUAL - AV files & ZOOM sessions
Veranstalter: GSLS
Vortragende*r: Andrew Davis, PhD

This workshop gives you an overview about the requirements and rules for publishing scientific articles. The following points will be covered in this 2-days workshop:

• Introduction: why publish and when to start 
• Choosing a journal, using JANE and other applications, practical exercise
• Using ThinkCheckSubmit
• Your audience, those impact factors, open access
• Practical exercise on Scopus and WoS
• Ethics of Publication; Vancouver rules, coauthors, correspondents, chaperones
• Submitting your MS, covering letters.  Rejection – don’t panic!
• Different kinds of rejection: editorial, outright, with serious flaws
• Conditional acceptance, dealing with those referees
• Writing responses to referees, practical exercise
• Accepted!!  The final text. Proofs: what to do and what not to do, practical
• Copyright. ‘First online’, preprints & preprint servers
• Publicizing the publication; your colleagues, your boss, your institution, the world

The trainer works at the Institute of Zoology, University of Göttingen. With a PhD in Zoology from University College Cardiff, Wales, UK, he now specializes in biology, ecology and environment. He has extensive experience in teaching post-graduate students in scientific writing & publishing, manuscript preparation, experimental design & statistics. 

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Note: Registration of GSLS doctoral researchers has priority to non-GSLS participants. Non-GSLS participants pay a service and workshop fee of EUR 50 by bank transfer.