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ONLINE-SEMINAR: Create and use an academic portfolio

Datum: 21.10.2020, 09:00 - 17:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Research Academy, R1, R2, Karriere
Ort: Zoom
Veranstalter: JMU Research Academy, Wissenschaftliche Personalentwicklung
Vortragende*r: Dr. Eva Reichmann

Career planning in research

An academic portfolio is in many countries the required document for all applications for promotion, tenure or for annual reviews for academic staff. It provides an opportunity for you to detail your experience in teaching, research and university administration. It shows for you and others the overall academic experience that you bring to an institution/university/employer etc. An academic portfolio is a summary of your major competencies, activities and accomplishments, documenting the nature and extent of your contributions as well as your role and achievements.

You can use an academic portfolio not only for an application at a university, but also for strategic career planning and general career orientation. An academic portfolio is more then just "lists": instead of handing in lists (mentioning publications, research contracts, projects or presentations) you focus on creating an academic portfolio narrative. A list reduces a person/character to a collection of impersonal data and does not tell anything about the real person (personality, way of thinking, professional behavior and mind, ambition, personal skills, soft skills etc.). An academic portfolio narrative allows you to stand out as an individual personality - and to distinguish you from others.

First text modules for your academic portfolio will be created in the workshop. After participating in the workshop you will

  • be able to compile an academic portfolio for different occasions by using portfolio work as process
  • develop an accurate picture of your academic talents, interest and values
  • be able to use an academic portfolio as part of your job application
  • plan your academic career using the portfolio work method

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