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For Hosts

SCIAS for Hosts

You would like to invite guest researchers from abroad to stay in Würzburg, accommodate them in the Welz-Haus and collaborate under the umbrella of SCIAS? We will be happy to help. In the following, we would like to answer some of the questions which might come up beforehand.

As a basic principle, SCIAS aspires to attract experienced international guest researchers for the interexchange with JMU. That is professors or guests with a PhD (minimum of four years since degree) and work experience are our primary target group whose stay can be subsidised if applied for. If there is excess capacity, the Welz-Haus can also accommodate other guests of JMU as direct payer.

As SCIAS guest

In the first instance please contact the SCIAS office or the desk of the Welz-Haus by phone or via e-mail to enquire if there are any vacancies. If this is the case please fill in the SCIAS application in which we ask for information about the guest’s personal data, funding (if received), the host institution, the planned project and a short CV.  Please send the filled in application form back to the SCIAS office via e-mail. The SCIAS board will then decide whether your guest researcher will be admitted as SCIAS guest, if he/she will receive any subsidies and if the title of SCIAS-Fellow may be applicable.

As direct paying guest

Less than a week:

Just contact the SCIAS office via phone or e-mail and we will forward your request to the Welz-Haus team, who will then get in touch with you directly for any further questions and information.

Longer than a week:

Please use our application form.

At the Welz-Haus, 20 fully furnished apartments, with a bathroom/shower and a kitchenette, of various sizes are available for guests and their families. The building has four single apartments, 12 medium-sized apartments for one to two persons and four large apartments for one to three persons. It is also possible to join two apartments, e.g. for families. Additionally, the Welz-Haus has two accessible, medium sized apartments on the ground floor with disability-friendly bathrooms.

Apartment categories/rent are:

  • small apartment (up to 20 m2): monthly rent 907 €
  • large apartment (up to 33 m2): monthly rent for one person 1220 €

Surcharge at double occupancy of 270 €.

A mandatory fee of 80 € covers the final cleaning at the end of the visit.

If your stay is only a short one, daily fees will be applied:

  • Small apartment: 92 € per night
  • Large apartment: 109 € per night

The maximum rent charged for short stays will be that of a month.

For approved SCIAS guests and fellows, the cost of accommodation can be partially covered. This depends on the length of each stay, any fellowships which are received and on the financial situation of each home university.

If you are interested in obtaining subsidies, please check the appropriate box on the application form. The SCIAS board decides about any case of funding.

SCIAS-Fellow is a title (including a certificate) given by JMU to international top-class researchers who are closely connected to the university. You will be given special rights, e.g. privileged accommodation in the Welz-Haus for any future stays.

Requirements are:

  1. The title of professor or at least being a postdoc (minimum of four years since degree).
  2. Proven affinity to JMU (past stays in Würzburg, cooperation with Würzburger researchers, etc.).
  3. A stay of at least three month at SCIAS.
  4. A guest lecture of about 30-45 minutes on the current research topic.

Any questions? Contact us! 

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