SATEC - Master's in Satellite Technology

    Two new lectures in the summer term


    Dr. Heike Frei and Prof. Dr. Hakan Kayal will offer two new courses in the summer term for SaTec students

    1. Spaceflight technology for active debris removal (block course) by Dr. Heike Frei 

    Description: The dramatic increase of space debris is a severe problem in spaceflight with consequences for all type of missions: human spaceflight as well as communication, navigation, Earth observation and science satellite missions. One contribution to space debris mitigation is active debris removal (ADR) aiming at removing an in-operative satellite or any kind of debris object such as rocket stages or fragments from their orbits.
    Active debris removal missions involve different elements of spaceflight technology.
    This course will give an introduction to the problem of space debris and active debris removal. We will study the basics of orbit and attitude determination and control, we talk about the phases of an ADR mission, in particular about the rendezvous phases to approach a debris object in a safe, autonomous way. This course further covers numerical basics, optical sensors, image processing, navigation filter and sensor fusion. Furthermore, we talk about how to operate an ADR mission by a mission operations control center and how to perform test, simulation and verification.
    Table of contents:

    • The problem of space debris
    • Introduction to active debris removal (ADR)
    • The phases of a rendezvous mission
    • Orbit and attitude determination and control
    • Optical sensors for ADR
    • Numerical basics
    • Image processing and its application to ADR
    • Navigation filter and sensor fusion
    • Operation of ADR missions
    • Test and verification
    • The future of spaceflight

    2. Fundamentals and Methods of UAP research (regular course) by Prof. Dr. Hakan Kayal

    Description and table of content coming soon..