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Space Colloquium Würzburg


Invitation to the Space Colloquium Würzburg titled "Ongoing activities on SmallSat at ASTRA Team in PoliMi" by Prof. Dr. Michèle Roberta Lavagna on the 28th of July 2022 at 17:00. This event is supported by Elite Network of Bavaria (ENB) and ESA_Lab@ZfT.

For our last Space Colloquium in the summer semester we are glad to announce one of the most prominent European professors in Space Dynamics Prof. Dr. Michèle Roberta Lavagna (Polytecnico di Milano), who is coordinating the Italian HERMES formation composed of small satellites. 

Interested persons can dial in for the presentation at 

Curriculum Vitae Prof. Dr. Michèle Roberta Lavagna: Michèle Lavagna is Full Professor in Flight Mechanics at Politecnico di Milano, Aerospace Science & Technology Dept; she has been the Principal Investigator and Project Manager of more than 50 research projects, competitively awarded, with national, international Space Agencies and main players in the Space Sector. She founded and leads the ASTRA team composed by 2 Assistant Professors, 1 senior PostDoc, 14 senior, intermediate young PhD candidates in Aerospace Engineering: she leads 4 experimental labs (DANCE, ARGOS, ISRU, HERMES) which include a clean room for cubesats AIV\AIT, an ISRU plant for water extraction from regolith, 2 GNC facilities for image based relative navigation testing. She is currently responsible for the HERMES project to integrate ready to fly 6 nanosats for multi-mmessenger astrophysics, EC/ASI financed foreseen to fly in 2023, the VULCAIN study to implement a very LEO formation flying for Earth Observation; she is involved in the LICIACube mission to the Didymos asteroids’ system; she leads the experimental plant on lunar ISRU for water extraction on the Moon; she’s also involved in experiments for Active Debris Removal; she is Expert for Cluster 4HE, nominated by the Minister; she’s member of the HESAC-ESA advisory group for manned/unmanned Space Exploration; she’s member of the Advisor to the Chair of the inter-Ministerial Committee for Space and Aerospace Policy; she’s member of the Scientific Committee of the Italian Space Agency and co-chair of the MDT for the NASA\CSA\JAXA\ASI Mars Ice Mapper mission; she’s the Lombardy aerospace cluster delegate for robotics and industry 4.0 for space. She is author of 262 scientific papers on refereed journals and conferences.

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