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In Memoriam Eveline Gottzein


Prof. Dr. Eveline Gottzein supported Würzburg's space programs with excellent lectures based on her profound experience in Space Dynamics from 2005 until 2019. In the night of 24.12.2023 died Germany's most outstanding female space engineer.

She was a pioneer for woman in technical leading positions, an excellent engineer and her name is connected with breackthroughs in 3-axes attitude control systems of satellites, as well as in controll systems for magnetic levitation vehicles. The leading satellite design position of MBB, later Airbus in Ottobrunn were based on her activities and the controll engineering department headed by her. Her high international reputation was recognized by many awards and medals, including Werner-von-Siemens-Ring, Bayerischer Verdienstorden, Bayerischer Maximiliansorden, Großes Bundesverdienstkreuz, IFAC Fellow, AIAA Fellow. It was always important for her to share her expertise with students and to promote young talents in the space sector. We recognize her outstanding contributions and her motivating personality !

Her funeral will be on 12.1.2024 in Höhenkirchen (details see Todesanzeige). Her scientific inheritage will be in future on display at Hermann-Oberth-Museum in Feucht (near Nuremberg).


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