SATEC - Master's in Satellite Technology

    ESA_Lab@ZfT-Würzburg initiated


    ESA General Director Aschbacher signed together with Prof. Dr. Schilling as President of Zentrum für Telematik (ZfT) a "Memorandum of Cooperation" to initiate an ESA_Lab@ZfT .

    ESA organizes with the "ESA_Lab@"-program a network of european top research institute to support international competitiveness. In the ESA_Lab@ZfT   ESA addresses together with the Center for Telematics in Würzburg future space technologies in the focus research fields pico- and nano-satellite formations, advanced satellite operations (Autonomy, AI, adaptive controlls, Quantum technologies) and robot supported satellite products. SaTec-students benefit via ZfT from joint thesis cooperation, easier access to ESA facilities and lectures / workshops organized together with ESA.

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