Graduiertenkolleg 2112 (2015 - 2020)

Lectures WS 18/19

Schedule for the Lecture Series Winter Term 2018/19

Date Speaker Topic
Wed. 17.10.18, 5 pm s.t. Tabea Gerlach/Domenik Schleier Introductory lecture on working area of Christa Fittschen
Wed. 24.10.18, 5 pm s.t. Christa Fittschen, CNRS/Université Lille for students: Laboratory experiments for measuring kinetic parameters
Thu. 25.10.18, 10 am c.t. Christa Fittschen, CNRS/Université Lille The reaction of RO2 radicals with OH radicals and the Impact in remote environments
Wed. 28.11.18, 5 pm s.t. (HS E) Michael Wenzel Introductory lecture on working area of A. Daniel Boese
Wed. 05.12.18, 5 pm s.t. A. Daniel Boese, Universität Graz for students: How to perform highly accurate calculations.
Thu. 06.12.18, 10 am c.t. A. Daniel Boese, Universität Graz Intermolecular Interactions: Surfaces, Molecules and Molecular Solids.
Wed. 23.01.19, 5 pm s.t. Sebastian Vettermann Introductory lecture on working area of Peter Schreiner
Wed. 30.01.19, 5 pm s.t. Peter Schreiner, Universität Gießen for studentsTunneling control of chemical reactions
Thu. 31.01.19, 10 am c.t. Peter Schreiner, Universität Gießen London dispersion in molecular chemistry - Reconsidering steric effects

The main lectures on thursdays will take place (unless otherwise stated) in the 

Seminarraum 00.006
Institute of Theoretical Chemistry
Campus Hubland Nord, Emil-Fischer-Str. 42 

The Introductory Lectures and the Lectures for Students will take place in the

Seminarraum 211 (second floor)
Institute of Physical Chemistry
Hubland Süd