Graduiertenkolleg 2112

    Lectures SS 17

    Schedule for the Lecture Series Summer Term 2017

    Date Speaker Topic
    Wed. 26.04.17, 4:45 pm s.t. Florian Hirsch, AK Fischer Introductory lecture on working area of Dr. Thomas Zeuch
    Wed. 03.05.17, 5 pm s.t. Dr. Thomas Zeuch, Uni Göttingen for students: Atmospheric new particle formation: Mechanisms and climate issues
    Thu. 04.05.17, 10 am c.t. Dr. Thomas Zeuch, Uni Göttingen Sodium solvation in water clusters: Multi-radical formation and the detection of the smallest ice crystals
    Wed. 24.05.17, 5 pm s.t. Michael Wenzel, AK Mitric Introductory lecture on working area of Prof. Dr. Elsa Sánchez-García
    Wed. 31.05.17, 5 pm s.t. Prof. Dr. Elsa Sánchez-García, Uni Duisburg-Essen for students: Reactive intermediates: a computational approach, challenges and achievements cancelled!
    Thu. 01.06.17, 10 am c.t. Prof. Dr. Elsa Sánchez-García, Uni Duisburg-Essen Multiscale simulations of carbene reactivity in solution cancelled!
    Thu. 29.06.17, 17:15 pm s.t. Alumni lectures Jana Gershberg (Evonik Industries AG),
    Juliane Köhler (Knauf Gips KG),
    Christian Remenyi (Wiley-VCH Verlag)
    Thu. 28.09.17, 17:15 pm s.t. Prof. Dr. Michael Haley, Oregon, USA Indenofluorenes and Ring-Expanded Analogues: From Quinoidal Electron-Accepting Materials to Stable Organic Biradicals Attention! Lecture will take place in Chem ZB HS C!

    The main lectures on thursdays will take place (unless otherwise stated) in the

    Seminarraum 00.006
    Institute of Theoretical Chemistry
    Campus Hubland Nord, Emil-Fischer-Str. 42

    The Introductory Lectures and the Lectures for Students will take place in the

    Seminarraum 211 (second floor)
    Institute of Physical Chemistry
    Hubland Süd